Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are comment whores too or should that be comment sluts?

Like all bloggers V and I appreciate your feedback. Now we are not so needy that I am going to beg you for comments or threaten to take my posts down and go home if you don't leave a comment but we do like comments about as much as we like sex. Well that's not strictly true, we like sex more. While poking through the Blogger dashboard I realized that anonymous comments were disabled by default so I turned them on. Now you don't even need to register or login with Blogger or Google to leave a comment. Riff Dog, the star of infidelity blogging has instructions on leaving comments in this post, including a nice instructional image with arrows and everything.

V and I are hard at work on next Monday's post on our first out of town trip so until then if you like what you read tell your friends and perhaps, if you feel so moved, leave a comment.

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