Monday, September 27, 2010

She said: Cliffside Forest Fun

The park we often go to has a fairly wide river running through it. The opposite side of the river always looks so peaceful and quiet (and well off the beaten track), so we decided to see how we could get there and if we could find any suitable spots where we could lay down our blanket. Together we perused Google Maps to try and determine how to get there without having to cross the river. Although we came up with a few ideas, our subsequent reconnaissance found fences where we didn't expect them as well as cliffsides we thought were paths based on what we could see from the satellite map.

Not to be deterred, I took a second trip there on my own and found, much further in than we had looked previously, a path leading into the woods and down the side of the ravine. Despite it being very steep going, I was able to walk right down to the river and indeed ended up almost exactly across the river from where we stood wondering what was on the other side not too long before. With great trauma to my ass muscles, I climbed back up from whence I came, having found a couple decent spots and excited to share with L.

I was a little concerned about the steepness of the path and the possibility of injury. I had visions of either having to confess my secret to a friend so that they could help me get L out of there and transport him somewhere more within the realm of where he's "supposed to be" or even worse, having to explain to Mrs. L why her husband was at the hospital in dire need of medical attention and how I "just happened by" at the most opportune moment. I'm not sure why I wasn't concerned for myself, but L and I discussed the situation and since he thought the climb would be no problem for him, I sucked it up and we decided to go there the following week.

It had been a rainy week, but with the heavy tree canopy, the ground was quite dry in the woods. The day dawned sunny and became hotter as it went on. L came and picked me up and we parked near the entrance to the woods and walked in, hand in hand. We soon came to the steep descent and walked down nearly a third of the way before I pulled L off the path to show him the first spot I had found.

Not far off the path there was a wide trench-like area starting at the base of a tree downward in a very steep incline. I hopped down into the trench and showed L that we could not be seen unless someone was standing right above us. He jumped in after me and we started shedding clothes as we kissed. Stopping only long enough to spread the blanket over the leaf bedding and to place our valuables at the base of the tree so they wouldn't get lost in the leaves, before long, L and I were going at it like bunnies. Turns out it was quite a challenge. Not only was I swarmed by mosquitoes the minute I got naked, but I also had another problem. I am very agile and flexible - something that frequently impresses L - but I had some real difficulty even participating on that incline. The area was so steep that any attempt to even lift my feet off the ground resulted me me sliding down the hill!

Somehow we managed through L brushing the mosquitoes off my face and me hanging on for dear life and laughed about it as we dressed again and decided to continue down the hill to the water. We made it down without incident and explored a bit down by the river (of course, finding a lovely flat spot that would have been perfect!) before heading back up the steep trail. Half way up we stopped for a rest. I was mildly irritated to see that L didn't even seem winded, while my ass and thigh muscles screamed in protest and my face was flushed and sweaty.

As we chatted later that evening and planned our next outing, I complained bitterly about the number of mosquito bites inflicted on me. To L's single bite, I had at least 8, including one on my face and another on my ass. I think I've had enough woods for a while!

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