Monday, September 6, 2010

He said: Retail Therapy, Parking Lot Tales

One day V and I decided to meet up on a Saturday morning to do some shopping. Normally I am not enthusiastic about trolling the malls but V has made me look at retail therapy in a whole new light. After meeting in a local computer supershop where V purchased some memory for her laptop we retired to her car in the parking lot where I, with my best manly tool-using skills slipped my memory stick into V's expansion slot. Well actually it was the DIMM that V had purchased but I bet I got you going, didn't I? We then toddled off in V's car which I like to call the couch on wheels to a nearby hardware store where we browsed for some things V need for a home fix-it job. Items purchased, it was back the the couch on wheels. V asked if I wanted to see where she had worked in the dim distant pass so off we went. She bobbed and weaved through the non-descript industrial park until we arrived at an empty parking lot beside a multistory office building.

Kissing, fondling, ear and neck nibbling soon ensued. Then V said those magic words "I want to suck your cock". Who was I to refuse her? Before you could say "unzip and get it out" I had done so and V was making my day so much better. Mindful of our previous parking lot adventure this time I kept an eagle eye out for cars of any ilk entering the parking lot. Though V's lips and tongue felt wonderful as she gave me the type of blowjob that epic poems are written about, I knew that I couldn't keep her down there too long. The chances of us being discovered were proportional to the amount of time she continued bestowing her oral gifts on me. After our conservation area adventure V had confided to me that no one had ever cum in her mouth. I had almost committed an inexcusable faux pas. So I said to her "I'm going to cum" expecting her to withdraw and perhaps finish me with her hand. I was surprised and delighted when she did nothing of the sort and instead continued to suck me with renewed vigour. Not wanting to disappoint the lady I came, and boy did it feel good. She smacked her lips and made a very cute remark which maybe she will remember and put in her version of this story.

Since this occasion V and I have engaged in retail therapy a number of additional times. After V had me follow her around the grocery store while she picked up a few things we returned to her former office parking lot. That time there was a guy standing outside the building smoking. This did not phase V in the least, he seemed not to pay any attention to us.

After a trip to the Apple store where I discreetly fondled V's ass while she not so discreetly fondled an iPad we segued to the far corner of the parking lot where V did what she does so well as I kept watch with cars speeding by us on the ring road that passed about twenty feet from where we were parked. I came with a woman looking at me and smiling from a city bus that passed. I'm sure she knew what I was up to though I'm not sure if she could see V from her vantage point.

When V asked if I wanted to help her shop for shoes I couldn't say yes fast enough. Flash to another suburban mall parking lot where being the crafty guy I am I parked in the raised parking structure which was not as packed with cars as the ground level outdoor parking lots. After V bought a very cute pair of shoes with my help and picked up some takeout to take home with her, we retired to my car where V rewarded me for my assistance. Luckily the person who owned the SUV parked beside us didn't show up to get their car while V was working her magic but a few cars did pass behind us as they worked their way down the circular ramp of the parking structure. The day almost ended on a jarring note when as I drove V back to her house I almost went through a red light in my post coital fog. V snapped me out of my reverie just in time, I guess friends don't let friends cum and drive.

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