Monday, May 9, 2011

He said: V Meets Big Purple

V is such a sweety. Even though she knew I hadn't started my post for this week she didn't even mention it to me. Some weeks I find blogging such a chore and this is one of them. V's writing style is so detailed and descriptive I sometimes get hard again reading her posts about our times together and this week is no exception.

This weeks tale started out as many of our times together do, V aching for sex and me aching to supply it to her. The difference this time - we smoked a joint before and V got stuck. Most times times V can cum close to when I do but today she was still working her way up the hill when I was coasting down the other side. That's when I reached for Big Purple and slipped him inside of her. Big Purple is my nickname for the Jelly Royales Dong Junior sex toy that we had picked from the wide selection of dildos offered for review from the nice folks at Eden Fantasies. Though V seemed slightly surprised at the new feelings she was experiencing I leaned down to lick and suck her clit. She moaned in encouragement and appreciation. I'm glad we had Big Purple at hand because even with our big jelly friend stuffed in her and me working on her clit it took more than a minute or two to get V to the top of the mountain. When we crested the mountain it seems we broke the dam on a mountain stream because there was a big wet puddle on the blanket.

Then it was on to to a session of ass play which culminated in me leaving a puddle of man juice on the small of V's back. We then had a picnic of cheese, meat and olives on the dry parts of our blanket while we watched some porn. Then it was on to round three. V climbed into the saddle and rode me like the experienced cowgirl she is. When she came we both noticed strange squishy sounds, evidently the mountain stream had been unleashed yet again.

I promise to be more creative and wordy next time, but since you stuck around to the end here is a pic of Big Purple for your troubles. By the way I know he looks kind of pink in the picture but Big Purple is a much better name than Big Pink, don't you think?

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