Monday, May 23, 2011

He said: Advice to the Frustrated

One of our blog readers who is also a blogger has written about her trials and tribulations with her hubby who - how shall we say it - tends to go off early leaving her with blue pussy, the female equivalent of blue balls. In order to help her with this vexing problem I will take a detour from writing my normal tale of sexual debauchery to offer Libidinous Man's tips for making your man last. As this is a common problem I'm sure other of our readers may find this of interest.

Tip 1: The Wooden Spoon Method

Keep your eye on him and ask him if he feels like he is close to cumming. If he answers in the affirmative rap gently but firmly on the balls with the wooden spoon. This will generally dissuade him from spilling his seed too soon.

Tip 2: Multiple Gloves for Love

Friction is your enemy. Have him wear two or three tight condoms. I find that a tight condom prevents friction on the sensitive parts of the cock. Less friction means lasting longer.

Tip 3: Desensitize Him With More Sex

The more sex the better. Fuck at least once a day, more cumming means he will get used to the feeling of cumming and may allow him to increase control. Less excitement is better when you want a man to last longer.

Tip 4: Cage the Cock

A cock cage will help prevent the friction that is the enemy of lasting longer. I sounds harsh but you need to cum first. Cage up his cock and let him use his fingers and lips to satisfy you. Remind him that the cage is for his benefit too.

Tip 5: Go for the Twofer

It's a well known fact that men last longer after they have cum for the first time. The obvious solution is to wait the appropriate time and then try again.

Well enough pontificating from me. Perhaps some of our gentle readers have something to add.

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  1. Oh wow. So many good recommendations. Where to start.....

    1. While I do love a wooden spoon, it's awkward to wield in the throes of passion.
    2. Tried. Failed. He's like Supercock. Only with the power to cum no matter what. Good for him. Me? Not so much.
    3. We are currently in week 3 of a sex-a-thon. A reboot of sorts. It's working to an extent.
    4. The cage is agreed upon by both of us. It's only a matter of choosing and placing the order. Would it be wrong to give it to him for Father's Day? ;)
    5. Ah. You call it a twofer. I call it a good day! Yeah, that one works nicely if time allows.

    You've obviously thought this out well and I can't thank you enough! It's an awesome feeling knowing that others are looking out for ya. :)