Monday, May 16, 2011

He said: Bite Her!

Who'd have thought a few oysters could turn me into a ravening beast? We had stopped in for a few oysters and some shrimp at the same local restaurant where we had first met. I introduced V to oysters which she did not take an immediate fancy to, though she did like the jumbo shrimp. Then it was back to the office for some foreplay that involved me nibbling on her back. Well perhaps nibbling isn't quite the word to describe it. Maybe I did give her some little love bites but I swear I didn't break the skin and they didn't seem that hard at the time. V was enjoying it so much I guess I got a bit carried away. Only later did the full extent of my toothsome pursuit become so glaringly obvious. How many ways can you say oops and I'm sorry? I think I found them all that day. Luckily I didn't notice the marks until after I had given V a good banging. When she cums she tends to get a bit relaxed and mellow which is a good state for telling a woman that she has to wear high collars for a week.

The camera made it look worse than it did to my eye. Now don't you go and say that's only because I was trying to minimize my culpability in the whole affair. I'm not trying to suggest that it was V's fault because she has too sensitive a back or anything like that. Well, maybe I am - I really didn't think I bit her that hard. I think it's the fault of my strong manly jaw. Well no matter, the upshot is that I am going to limit any love bites to her posterior in the future and we can put this whole embarrassing incident behind us.

I think it is important to note that even with the unexpected developments on the day in question we still managed to have two sessions of mind blowing, orgasm inducing and moan producing sex that day. We certainly know where our priorities lie.

V suggested I include a picture so you can see how terrible I was, it's a late addition but here it is.


  1. Thanks for sharing this - it is something I can relate to...though I don't think I have had quite as much marking in one day ;-)

  2. Oh....I'm betting she got a kinky thrill from secretly knowing they were there! ;)

    I sure as hell would.