Monday, November 22, 2010

He said: Vixen on the Edge

Both Vixen and I like to try new experiences so we occasionally discuss what we should try next. We talk about different scenarios but part of the fun is not necessarily telling the other person exactly what our plans are for when we meet up. Often we just get together and fool around with nothing particular in mind, this day was not to be one of them. Vixen had told me that she likes me to take charge, I had something in mind that I knew would test her limits.

Vixen always loves to suck my cock. When she arrived I told her to get undressed and kneel on the blanket. I saw excitement in her eyes tinged with a tiny amount of wariness. I told her to put her hands behind her back where I secured them with cable ties. "Make them tighter", she said. I ignored her request, I didn't want her arms to cramp up in the middle of our play. Vixen watched as I undressed. Then I put a bottle of lube in her hand and told her that if she wanted me to stop all she had to do was drop the bottle. She held the bottle in her hand, a look of resolve on her face.

I said, "Open your mouth." She complied. I laced my fingers into her hair as I thrust my cock into her mouth. Vixen takes pride in the fact that even though she has a bit of a gag reflex she can take me deeply. She has stopped wearing eye makeup when she might be blowing me so she doesn't end up with what she refers to as raccoon eyes. I knew I would have to be careful not to overstimulate her gag reflex - her gagging on my cock wouldn't be fun for her. I alternated between deep and shallow thrusts being careful not to stay too deep too long. I watched her face closely for any signs of distress, I knew she couldn't tell me to slow down or take it easy because her mouth was full and I didn't want her to have to resort to dropping the bottle. I wanted to take her to the edge, not push her over it.

Though I was holding Vixen's head she was doing her best to make my experience memorable even with her limited mobility. Her lips and tongue were working overtime as I fucked her face. I realized I had closed my eyes to immerse myself in the experience of her mouth on me. I quickly opened my eyes and checked to ensure I hadn't missed the sound of the bottle dropping in my moment of reverie. Vixen's safety valve was still tightly clutched in her hand. I was close to cumming and I didn't want her to choke so I pulled out at the very last second and unloaded onto Vixen's face. Her tightly closed eyes shot open in surprise at the first splash of cum. After I finished cumming I quickly cut the cable ties and took a picture of her cum splashed face. After a quick cleanup I laid her down on the blanket.

Vixen had a dazed look on her face so I held her as she recovered and then we talked about the intensity of the experience for both of us. Though Vixen remarked on how it had been uncomfortable on her knees and how surprised she was with the amount of cum she had cleaned off her face I certainly got the impression that she had found it an exciting and illuminating exploration. I had always thought that I would prefer the woman to be an unrestrained participant but this experience had been an eye opener for me; it was much more erotic and exciting than I had expected. I was sure this wouldn't be the last time Vixen and I would experiment with restraint and control.

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