Monday, November 15, 2010

He said: A Day at the Races

The first time I visited a thoroughbred horse race was last year with a group from my local pub. It turned out to be quite an enjoyable afternoon and when I told Vixen about it she was very interested in going to the races too. Though it was getting late in the year we decided to try to sneak out for a few hours one afternoon so Vixen could experience the thrill of horse racing for herself. When the day came the weather was overcast and damp but luckily by the time we met up in the shopping centre parking lot near my office the sun had come out and it had turned into a cool slightly overcast autumn afternoon. Vixen hopped in my car and we headed off to the track. I led her in and guided her up the multiple levels to the restaurant area where we could watch the races in comfort. We had a table inside with easy access to the large patio and balcony overlooking the finish line. I helped Vixen to navigate the information in the race program. One thing about horse racing, the program gives you so much information that you can almost believe that you can figure out which horse is going to win.

You would think with a race every 30 minutes that time would pass slowly but between studying the program, eating and drinking, placing our bets and heading outside to watch the race being run the afternoon passed quickly. Vixen especially liked when she would walk down to the rail and I would press into her from behind, reaching around to embrace her tightly. This gave me the opportunity to bury my nose in her clean fragrant hair and occasionally sneak a kiss on her neck. We made a trip down to the paddock to look at the horses before the race then went to the rail to watch the horses that we had just seen in the paddock cross the finish line up close and personal.

Even though Vixen isn't a woman who is that enamoured of cold weather she didn't seems to notice that it wasn't the warmest day. Over the course of the afternoon and the seven races we bet on I managed to win three times. My twenty dollar grubstake was tripled and after paying for the cover charge and our drinks and food I still managed to leave the track with more money than I arrived with. On the way out we took a detour through the slot machine area and saw a couple of the new electronic blackjack games with the virtual video dealer. The games struck me as being slightly creepy, you can see a picture of one of these games here and decide for yourself.

Then it was back in the car for the drive back to the shopping centre parking lot. Parking lots can be exciting when Vixen is in the car and today was no exception. My car is small so we moved to Vixen's larger car with the front seat which we laughingly refer to as the couch. It wasn't long before my zipper was down and Vixen was going down on me. After about two minutes I saw a pickup truck with mall security marked on the door crusing the lot. When I warned Vixen she quickly popped up but added "Don't put that thing away yet". The truck drove by without the driver even glancing in our direction and Vixen quickly returned to giving me another of her fantastic blow jobs to remember. I rested my hand on the back of her head sending the not so subtle message to take me deep. Vixen likes to be directed and I was doing my best to make her happy as she made me happy.

Another vehicle approached, this time a large construction dump truck. Vixen was below the level of the windshield and I was past the point of caring whether a random truck driver figured out what was going on in the car. We purposely park in the farthest corner of the lot so we don't get disturbed, I guess dump truck drivers who are leaving their trucks in the mall lot overnight had the same idea because a few minutes later another dump truck pulled into the lot and parked. As I scanned the parking lot Vixen concentrated on sucking the head of my cock. My toes curled up in my shoes as I ran my fingers through her hair and told her what a good cock sucker she was. Vixen likes when I offer her dirty words of encouragement.

With her teeth lightly grazing my shaft she started to move quickly up and down. She took me deep into her throat, cupping my balls, then gently squeezing them and I couldn't hold out any longer. I came with a moan. Vixen isn't one to bail out right after the climax, instead she continued to gently caress my cock with her soft lips. After a few more moments of bliss I gently guided her upwards, we kissed. I put myself back in order, zipped up and caressed her breast while giving her a deep parting kiss. As I returned to my car for the trip home Vixen blew me a kiss as she drove off with a big smile on her face.


  1. Welcum to blogging Libidinous!! Thanks for giving us the other side of the filthy stories that we get from V!!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome Black Pearl, I'm happy to give you my point of view.