Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our First HNT Post

L and I were having a great time when he grabbed the camera to capture
this picture. That's not all that was captured!

Visit Osbasso to see who else is playing this week.


  1. looks like a good time .. :)
    xoxo shibi

  2. Phew! If you're going to start doing HNT posts, this is a pretty durned good way to start. ;)

    Welcome to the HNT world. (Or am I supposed to say HHNT? I'm so bad with these conventions... hehe)

  3. Oh love it!! And love doing this also.


  4. Super hot! Of all the things I've experienced, I have never done that before ... may have to try some day.


    - Morning Glory

  5. That certainly looks like fun!

  6. What an awesome first HNT! Completely love it... so many cheeky ideas in my head now.

    LGS xxx

  7. Very brave for your first shot.

    I like

    I'm up too.

  8. Thanks to you all for the positive comments - we really enjoy the feedback and loved hearing from you!

    @Shibi, Sally-Jane, Gaz, AL, Tigress and Vixen - This really was a great deal of fun and we had a wonderfully sexy time. To get a great picture of it was icing on the cake!

    @Morning Glory - You've got to try it at least once - I know L found it very pleasurable. We actually wrote about it in our filming posts, Fun with Filming, Part 1/Making a Movie or Two.

    @ Lady Grinning Soul - happy we could inspire you!

    @Daft Scots Lass - Go big or go home, that's what I say! Enjoying your blog, too.....

    @the eternal list - Wow - high praise indeed - glad you are enjoying it.

    We're busy trying to decide what to share for this week's post and hope that whatever we end up choosing, you'll find it equally as entertaining!