Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TMI Tuesday 8/9

Her: I saw you flirting with her. Cheater!
Him: It’s not cheating if we don’t have intercourse.

Here we are, my first kick at the can for TMI Tuesday.
Interesting questions - here goes!

1. You have been separated from your significant other for six months. An attractive, attentive neighbor has paid you flattering attention. It is obvious he/she wishes to take the relationship further. Do you:
a. Dismiss him/her, you’re in a committed relationship.
b. Continue to flirt, but go no further.
c. Fantasize about him/her, but take care of your sexual needs solo.
d. Let the affair become physical.
My answer here depends on what "separated" means. If my husband were also attractive and attentive and all was right in our world, but he just away on business for 6 months, then the answer would be (a). If by "separated" you mean that we are on our way to divorce, then I'd consider myself free to do as I please and the answer is slightly different. In spite of that, my answer would probably be (b) or (c). I don't want to have an affair with a neighbour - way too close for comfort.

2. A male co-worker whom you have heard is great in bed and very well endowed has been flirting with you a lot. He obviously wishes to start a relationship. Do you:
(This question is for women AND men).
a. Make it clear to him you’re not interested.
b. Flirt with him but go no further
c. Mentally undress him and wonder what he’d be like in bed.
d. Let the relationship become sexual.

Simple. It's work - same as above - way too close for comfort. I'd probably choose (a). This, however would not preclude (c).

3. Your significant other is impotent most of the time, showing little interest in you and little interest in being sexual. Do you:
a. Resign yourself to no sex.
b. Satisfy your needs with masturbation
c. Find someone who can satisfy you sexually but remain with your significant other
d. Leave him or her

Unable? Or unwilling? As it happens, I have quite a bit of experience with this one! I started with (a) with a little bit of (b) thrown in (okay..a lot of (b))...but then when after YEARS (b) wasn't enough, I moved to (c) and met L, my lover. Working on (d).

4. The last time you and your mate had sex, were you:
a. Concentrating mostly on him/her, and you didn’t even orgasm
b. Thinking about your pleasure and theirs.
c. Concentrating mainly on your own pleasure.
d. Used his/her body as a tool to reach your own orgasm.

I like to think I'm a very generous sexually with my lover. I believe (a) applies - I often start out focused solely on him - the thing is, I get so much pleasure from pleasuring him, I often end up having an orgasm anyway. Sometimes (b) applies too.

5. What kind of partner do you prefer while making love or having sex?
a. Tender, loving, slow and sweeet
b. I don’t care, just do me; it’s been a while
c. Tough, take-charge, I like it a little rough
d. Any lovin’ is good lovin’

There's something to be said for each of these options - times I can think of where each would have its merits. All thing being equal, however, my favourite is going to be (c) with a little (a) thrown in once in a while.

Bonus: Do you mind if your significant other ogles/checks out another sexy person? What if they comment on that person, do you mind that?

I have no issue with ogling or comments - in fact I've been known to point out sexy women to him and start the dialogue myself. I'm not generally a jealous person, especially if my partner has made it clear that they are committed to me.

Bonus, Bonus: What are your thoughts on the TMI Tuesday image above and the caption beneath it?

I agree with the statement - flirting is NOT cheating. I am flirty, but I am also quite shy, so I am not so overt with my flirtiness, unless I've been drinking. My lover is a very flirty man and often when we are out, he will spend time chatting up other women - it doesn't mean he's going to go home with them or sleep with them and it doesn't bother me at all. Nobody else has the capacity to dictate how you feel about something - jealousy is all about how you yourself deal with what's going on around you.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble answering multi choice ;-)

  2. Welcome to TMI Tuesday.

    I really like your closing statement on the bonus, bonus question.