Monday, August 1, 2011

She said: The Naked Lunch

Some time ago, we saw an ad inviting people to an event at the "clothing optional" beach. That's where the idea came from. Always up for trying something new, we thought it might be fun to go to that beach on our own. Since this beach is on an island in the lake, we checked out the ferry schedules, thought about how we could make it work and one day weeks later, we packed up and headed down to board the ferry for our beach outing.

We bought our tickets for the boat, took the short ferry ride and disembarked at the other end, where we had a 1 km walk to the beach. We set up a beach umbrella, spread our blanket and plopped down - fully clothed - to take stock and look around. There were lots of people on the beach, both male and female, however there were many, many more naked men than women. Also, many of the naked men seemed to be paired up - not surprising though, since I had read that that beach is a common gathering place for gay men.

L took off his shirt and I removed my jeans and t-shirt, he down to his shorts and me stripped down to the bathing suit I wore underneath. After spraying him thoroughly with sunscreen, we ate lunch and relaxed and chatted and had a great time. Soon after lunch, L unbuckled his belt and started to remove his shorts and underwear. I said, "Look at you, getting all naked!" Inspired, just a few minutes later I pulled down the top half of my bathing suit, tucking it into the bottom half and went topless.

A young couple planted nearby were quite amusing. She wore a bikini and he a g-string and they strutted around their beach blanket acting like porn stars. He stood well back from their blanket and every move she made, he commented on how great that would look (on film, we assumed) as he lined up the shots between his spread fingers. They loudly discussed her lack of tan lines and he begged her to go into the tanning bed with her bathing suit on next time because he wanted to be able to see the tan lines in the shoot. She constantly moved between standing and lying down, posing and moving in such a way as to be contrived while he uttered cries of "Yes!" and "That's it!". He moved toward her from time to time, running his hands down her thighs or arms or whatever, and when she re-applied suntan lotion for him, she made a big show of running her fingers up and down the crack of his ass as she glanced around to see who was watching.

Fortunately, we had to leave before "amusing" slipped into "annoying" (but we only just made it, trust me!). We didn't get to spend too long on the beach - it took us an hour to get there and would take us another hour to get back, plus we had to work within the confines of the ferry schedules. Though we had a great time, we agreed to look upon our trip that day as a dry run and decided to return another time, better prepared and more aware of timing and expectations. Several days later, L asked me if I'd like to go back to the beach again in a couple of days time. I agreed and we immediately looked at ferry schedules, what times we could get out, how long we could stay out, etc. and worked out a plan. This time we brought a bit more stuff with us and were more confident about timing and so on.

The beach was much more crowded this time, but we managed to find a good spot and set up our umbrella and blanket. I once again wore a bathing suit, but this time with a pair of shorts and a cover up over it. The cover up was essentially a completely sheer sleeveless shell that was just a bit long to be called a top, but yet too short to be called a dress. It was scorching hot that day and after sitting for a few minutes, I decided it was too hot for all these clothes. I was going to remove my cover up and shorts and strip down to my bathing suit as I had the previous week, but then thought that I'd make the first move this time and be cooler (temperature-wise, of course!) - and a little more daring - by removing everything except my sheer cover up instead! Bathing suit and shorts discarded, I lay back on the blanket. L mentioned needing some sunscreen and I happily offered to apply it, starting with his back.

Lotion this time instead of spray, I squeezed the sunscreen out onto one hand, rubbed them together and then massaged it into his back. As I sat on my bottom with legs to one side of L, it was very uncomfortable and difficult to reach all of him, so I pulled one leg in to my chest and moved it to the other side of him so that he was seated between my legs, allowing me better balance and ability to lean forward to reach all of him. Adding some more sunscreen, I finished his back, making sure I didn't miss any spots, then did both his arms. He then turned around to face me and I did his neck and chest. Since it was girly days, I made a joke about not being able to get naked, as I'd still have my string and he looked down between my open legs to catch a peek of my bare pussy and to see if he could, indeed, see the string. He could.

I finished up and we lay on the blanket - me on my back and L on his side facing me, relaxing in the shade of the umbrella. L reached over and started undoing the top button of my cover up, then moved to undo the next one. Though I did not react outwardly, my mind was racing - was he going to undo them all? That would leave me naked and exposed. I was just thinking about if I'd be ready or comfortable with that when he stopped. I told him I thought he was going to undo them all and he said he only wanted to undo a couple, because I looked too buttoned-up and formal for the beach. Soon after, I sat up and L decided to remove his shorts and underwear around the same time. As he did so, I also removed my cover up. Making sure he also got some sunscreen on his nether regions, we then both sat naked on the blanket enjoying the gorgeous day.

There were lots more naked people on the beach that day than the previous week, including many women. Men of all ages, shapes and sizes paraded up and down the beach. Gentlemen, if you are ever feeling inadequate about your penis size, you should definitely make a trip to the nude beach. I turned to L at one point and told him I had never seen so many men with tiny penises in my life! Of course, they were all - well almost all, anyway - flaccid. Though nearly all of the penises I've seen have been attached to people in porn movies and therefore not the best indicator of "average", I do know from past experiences that in real life, not only do some small flaccid penises have the potential to be way better than adequate once appropriately engorged, I also know that some penises that are impressive-looking when flaccid don't get much larger than that when hard. It is my personal opinion that skill far outweighs size in the bedroom - nonetheless most men seem to be obsessed with how they measure up (hehehe). A visit to a nude beach gives you a pretty good idea of what most guys are packing and it might be of great help to the many men who for whatever reason feel inadequate in that department.

Having brought quite an array of food, throughout the afternoon we munched on fruit, vegetables, wraps and other snacks. As the sun moved, we adjusted our blanket under the umbrella so that we remained largely in the shade, though toward the end, I decided to stay in the sun for a while and we arranged the blanket so that half was in the sun and L could remain on the other half in the shade - unfortunately, the sun and L are not good friends! After a while on my back and then on my front, I was very hot and we decided to take a quick dip in the water to cool off. I am very self-conscious about my body, so while it was one thing to sunbathe naked on our blanket, it was quite another to walk around that way, so I pulled my bathing suit back on before taking L's hand to walk down to the water. The water was cool and refreshing on my overheated body. As I walked out up to my knees and turned, I realized L wasn't enjoying the cold water as much as I was. I encouraged him to come in further and I immersed my whole body. Continuing to coax him, we were both eventually completely covered, out far enough that L was standing on the bottom with just his head above water while I bobbed, floating beside him.
I put my hand on his back and realized his skin was covered in sand, stuck to the sunscreen I had rubbed on him earlier. As I floated behind him, I ran my hands up and down his back, then all over his body in the water to loosen the sand until I could feel no more grit. When I reached around his body and made sure there was none on his cock, he called me naughty. I did try not to be too naughty...I didn't want poor L to have to walk out of the cold water with a hard on! We stayed in the water for longer than intended and when I was finally shivering with the cold, L suggested we get out. He dried off in the hot sun quite quickly and as he sat dry on the blanket, he mocked me for wearing my swimsuit as I stood beside him on the sand trying to drip dry. Our (naked) neighbour on the next towel started a conversation with us and by the time we finished chatting we checked the time and realized it was later than we thought. We quickly got dressed and packed up - we were running late to catch the ferry back. I told L I had to pee, but would wait to use the washroom at the ferry docks, just to be sure that we had time to do so.

Agreeable, L started out. I tend to walk fast, but I have a much smaller stride than L, so it was quite an amusing walk. Normally he shortens his strides for me, so it's easy for me to keep up, but being in a hurry this time, L walked at what was an easy full-strided pace for him, while I fell behind constantly. Every time he got ahead by about 10 feet, I'd jog it out to catch up with him - not easy when you have to pee! So it went for the entire walk back to the ferry. L offered a couple times to stop on the way back so I could pee, but I knew that that 5 minute break would cost us over 30 minutes if we missed the ferry and I was pretty sure I could wait, so on we went. As it happens, we barely arrived in time and just made it on board as they pulled up the ramp behind us.

The ferry docked in the city and we started heading to the car. L again offered to wait while I found a public bathroom somewhere, but I said I was okay and we hurried to pack up the car and head out. We drove back to the mall where we had met earlier and he transferred his stuff back to his car. L asked me if I had fun - I certainly had! With a hug and a kiss, we parted. When I got home, I parked, grabbed all my bags out of the car and made a beeline inside for the bathroom. I was sunkissed and windswept and sandy and after (finally!) getting a chance to pee, I took a lovely cool shower and changed into some light clothing. I saw after that it had gone as high as 43C (109F) - a very hot day in more ways than one!

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  1. Sounds great, really exciting, not sure I'd have the guts to do it though.