Monday, August 15, 2011

She said: L To The Rescue!

It was a Tuesday night. I was alone in a hotel room for the second night in a row, horny as hell....and L was more than a thousand miles away back home. Travelling on business alone sucks - unfortunately L had some work commitments of his own and had been unable to join me.

Thank goodness for IM! I fired up my laptop and logged into my IM client to see if L was online. He was and I pinged him and we started to talk. The conversation flowed around until I finally told him how horny I was. He encouraged me to play with our new toy, Big Ben, that he had given to me out of our mischief bag to take with me on the trip. That's L's name for our new dildo, by the way - it's huge, veiny and has a hole in the bottom to accommodate a small bullet vibrator.

Sex toys are new to me - I've told you I've led a sheltered life - I guess you could also consider me a late bloomer, in a way. Although I've had lots of thoughts and feelings - even from a fairly young age - about sexual things I'd like to try, I've never had the outlet to do so. Trust me, though there haven't been that many, every single partner I've ever had would be horrified by some of the things L and I do! Until I met L, I had never even so much as tried a vibrator. Old habits die hard, so when I'm horny, I don't think to reach for vibrators or dildos, I just arrange to go visit L. I brought Big Ben with me as L had instructed me to, but I hadn't even opened the package, instead choosing to try and ignore my horniness for as long as possible, holding out until I could see him again.

L knows me too well, though. He knew that I probably wouldn't use Big Ben on my own, so he made a suggestion that was too good to pass up. He suggested that we could connect via webcam and "play" a little that way. Having never done that before either, I was a bit intrigued. I agreed and we spent several minutes working out how to connect and ended up switching clients in order to get things going. When I saw his face pop up I'm sure I was grinning from ear to ear.

I felt oddly self-conscious. Why? I'm not sure. L has literally been over every inch of my body and I'd think nothing of sitting in front of him the same way in person, yet still I felt kind of embarrassed and shy on the webcam - perhaps because I could see myself on the screen also. Forcing myself to push that aside, I stripped off my clothes and threw a condom over Big Ben. L also got rid of his clothes and there we sat, naked and facing each other. I smiled at him and he smiled back and I held up Big Ben to show him. Tilting the monitor so that L could watch, I rubbed the head of it back and forth over my slit before slowly penetrated my body with the massive dildo - and it was massive! Very thick and longer than I could take, as it happens. When I got to the point where I could go no further comfortably, there was still a good two inches of cock left! I experimented with that for a bit and after deciding I really could go no further, I looked up and said, "I can't take any more." L said, "That's okay, you don't have to take it all. Fuck yourself for me."

I starting sliding the cock in and out of me. While doing that, I watched the screen with rapt attention, watching L watching me work Big Ben while he stroked his hard cock. I'd never seen a man masturbate before and I was very aroused by it. Eyes half closed, I imagined that the dildo was L's cock, taking long, slow strokes, then harder, shorter ones as he fucked me. I rested the heel of my hand on my clit and applied pressure as my fingers worked to maneuver the giant cock, trying to angle it to stimulate my g-spot at the same time. While I work the cock and it stretched me to my limits, I was mesmerized by L's cock. It looked hard as a rock and the lovely curve was more pronounced. I so badly wished I could take it in my mouth and suck him until he shot his load down my throat, but I'd have to wait for another day for that.

L said he was close and I picked up the pace a bit, one hand on my clit and the other working the cock. Seriously turned on, I could feel the pressure building and I stared at L's cock, silently but intently willing him to cum; I wanted to see that so badly. Moments later, cum started oozing out of his cock, sliding down the length of him. Several more spurts followed. At that point, an orgasm raced through me as I came too.

We cleaned up and settled down to continue our chat, killing the webcam connection - nice as it would have been to continue our chat face to face, it's a bit risky for L and definitely not something I would have been able to do from home. He kept me company until bedtime. I'd be back home the following day and we made plans for our next assignation before signing off for the night. I was looking forward to it.

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