Monday, July 11, 2011

He said: Sometimes S**t Happens

V has already told you how I gave her a really good banging including the secret technique I use to make V cum, nipple abuse. When she is close to the edge a good tug, twist or bite will usually push her over the edge. This puts an extra burden on me because after the back biting incident I have been very careful not to leave any marks. V failed to mention the recent incident where I thought I had been careful when giving her some lust bites on her boobs. What she ended up with was three or four distinctively bite shaped bruises on her right breast. They weren't very obvious, nothing as bad as the back bite fiasco and luckily V doesn't usually flash her boobs around. These bruises were handily covered by her bra but I was still chagrined. How does one satisfy one woman's desire for biting without leaving any telltale marks?

I digress, back to my story I shall return. One of my pet names for V is Research Girl. Part of her research has included reading up on prostate massage so she suggested we get a prostate massager for review from our friendly purveyors of sex toys extraordinaire EdenFantasys. They shipped us the Silicone P.E. Vibe Royal. When I saw it the first thing I thought was "My, that thing looks big". When the biggest thing you've had stuck in your ass before that was your Dr's. finger when he checked your prostate which was decidedly not so erotic, it can be a bit daunting to insert an big vibrating piece of silicone. V applied sufficient lube and it went in fairly easily, at least the first few bumps. Even with a change of position and running through the range of vibrations that the toy provided didn't really get me that turned on. It didn't hurt but it also really didn't do anything for me.

My plan was to take the toy home and try it out and see if when I used it myself if I might be less tense and find it more erotic. This is where the s**t happens, events conspired to prevent me from bring this plan to fruition, so consider this post an I.O.U. for a proper review of this prostate massager. You of course realize that because I wrote this post I am behind on this week's post. Worry not though V is on time as always and I'll get around to writing my post to go with hers sometime this year, I hope.

Respectfully submitted,
Libidinous Man aka Lazy Blogger Dude

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