Monday, July 4, 2011

He said: V Gets Wheeled

V was hornier than usual when when she arrived at my office that day. A number of events had meant that almost two weeks had passed since she had a good fucking, or actually any fucking at all. I had previously told her that play with our newest sex toys would have to wait until I had released her pent up sexual tension which made her quite happy. Evidently the thought of a good fucking released her inner mischievous child because once we had gotten naked she was very feisty. She was in a very toothsome mood, biting me on the back, the ass the nipple and then she decided to do some ball sucking. I've always been very sensitive about having my balls sucked and V knows it. As I looked at her with my testicle in her mouth I could see the mischievous gleam in her eye. Eventually I got V settled down enough so that I could pin her to the floor with my hard cock and give her the banging she so richly deserved and had waited so long for. I came first but wasn't prepared to stop without getting V to cum too. Turnabout being fair play I first bit V's lower lip while kissing her then I leaned down to suck and bite her left nipple. I knew that V was close and usually a bit of nipple play will put her over the edge. This time was no exception and soon she was moaning in long suppressed ecstasy.

After a short snuggle break we broke out the Wartenberg wheel that we had received from our friends at Eden Fantasys, V had been looking forward to trying out one of these wheels for a few months. Billed as a toy for light BDSM the Wartenberg wheel looks like a small, spiky pizza cutter. We unpacked the wheel and took turns rolling it over each other. It wasn't as prickly as we expected it to be, the biggest reaction I got from V was when I rolled it quite forcefully over her lower back. The wheel didn't leave any significant marks on either of us and felt very similar to the feeling of fingernails. V decided to take it with her to see if she could perhaps sharpen the points. Before we left we used my phone to take a couple of pictures of the wheel applied to both V and my nipples which we used for our HNT last week. Why use my phone? Both of us had been so anxious to break V's sexual fast that we had forgotten to bring our cameras. Time was running short as we packed our new toys into the mischief bag and headed out into the night after another successful assignation.

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