Monday, July 18, 2011

She said: Now We're Cooking With Gas

All winter long we had been longing to get back outside and enjoy our lunches in the park and we talked about it often. We had also been talking a lot about camping, with me asking L what it's like and discussing the possibility of going together. One day L suggested that he could bring his camping stove and cook lunch for us at the park once the weather got nicer. I thought that would be great fun and we spent some time thinking about what kinds of things we could make quickly and easily. We've had several lovely picnics in the park already, including a very nice one for L's birthday that you can read about here. This day, we planned to take an extra-long lunch and cook.

I guess L was feeling a bit horny the night before as we discussed the final plans for our lunch the following day over IM, as he suddenly went off topic and sent me a message saying he planned to fuck my ass the next day and insisted I make sure to wear something with easy access. Now, L saying he wanted to fuck me was not at all an unusual thing, however the tone of his comment certainly was - I've told you L is a pretty buttoned-down guy. A little surprised at his vehemence (but ridiculously delighted nonetheless), I agreed. The next morning, I chose a short thigh-length sundress with a deep V in both the front and back and wore only a little black thong underneath. If the flame was lit by L's comments from the night before, then my clothing choice only made those flames burn a little hotter and I hoped it would have the same effect on L. As I moved about getting packed and ready to leave for our lunch date, I became quite aroused as I anticipated how fun our lunch was going to be and imagined how he was going to manage to fuck me in broad daylight at a fairly busy park. For those of you who are newer readers, this was an especially pertinent concern, since the first time we ever went to this park, the park police caught us in a pretty heavy makeout session, which you can read about here.

I picked L up at work. After he transferred over the items he had brought to my car, he climbed in and wordlessly put down a small gift bag on the seat. I smiled as I peeked inside and saw lube and condoms. Yay! He was serious! As we drove through a nearby campground, many of the sites were already occupied with people on walks or eating lunch, as well as a number of people setting up for a soccer tournament scheduled for that weekend. There was plenty of room, but we wanted an area to ourselves which was covered, since it looked like rain. We finally managed to find just the right spot. Trying to think ahead, I did some off-roading and managed to park my hatch-backed vehicle about 30 feet back from and facing the road through the campground and strategically backing on to a thick wooded area. I was thinking he could fuck me bent over the open hatch and that he'd see anyone approaching from the front, be shielded from behind by the woods and also have the car blocking the view of what we were doing from people driving by on the road.

L has a lot of camping experience. Having spent a good part of my life in a third-world country, I am no stranger to rough "make-do" living, but I have never had a North American camping experience. Since I enjoy cooking very much and was truly excited to try the camp stove, I kind of hijacked the cooking detail and I decided to cook omelets. In advance, had I chopped onions, red peppers, mushrooms and ham. I had also prepared the egg mixture to minimize the garbage generated and utensils required. L and I each brought a small frying pan.

L lit the stove for me and I started by sauteing the filling. Once that was ready, I pulled out my own frying pan to start the omelets. I sprayed the pan and added half the egg mixture. When the egg was almost set, I added half the filling and a handful of cheese and folded the omelet over. A few moments longer and I slid it out onto the plate. As I cooked, L lit a mosquito coil to help repel the little buggers from feasting on me. I know I love L bites, but mosquito bites I could do without! As we moved around each other, L took every opportunity to brush against me or sweep his hands up my thigh and under my skirt in passing. I think he wanted to know what I was wearing underneath, but didn't want to spoil the anticipation by asking.

I started on the second omelet and while that one was cooking, I put the plates on the seat part of the picnic table we worked at and dished out some tomato, basil and bocconcini salad I had prepared, making sure to bend way over at the waist as I did so. The cool breeze on my ass told me that he was probably getting a great view. Sliding the second omelet onto the other plate, we shut down the stove and moved to a nearby picnic table under a tree with our drinks to enjoy our lunch. The omelets turned out great and by the time we sat down to eat, I was in a pretty high state of arousal, eagerly waiting to be fucked. As we ate, we talked very little, but shared some sexy looks and he even winked at me. Once we finished our omelets, I went and got our dessert - two cupcakes, one chocolate and one vanilla - and we shared so we each had half of each flavour. I had brought a book to show L and at this point, we perused it together.

Finally, we were done eating. Would he make his move now? I quickly jumped up and started clearing up the plates and cutlery and packing up the items I had used while cooking. I figured we'd get those tasks out of the way and we'd have the rest of the afternoon to spend doing whatever we wanted - and I knew what I wanted. I got everything organized and ready to pack into the car. By this time, L had come over to help. The rear seats of the car had been lowered earlier in the day to create a larger cargo area as I had picked up a large item at the store. I climbed into the back of the car on my hands and knees to raise the seats to their normal position and again my short skirt failed to cover my ass. As I did so, L came up behind me, bringing some of the bags. Would he grab my hips and pull me back to the edge of the hatch? Would he wait until I backed out of the cargo area? I felt like everything was going great...until his phone rang.

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  1. *gasp!*
    you left me hanging?
    Here I was anticipating what he would do to you, and you pull a cliffie!!!