Monday, July 25, 2011

She said: Now We're Cooking With Gas, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about our lovely picnic, where we cooked a hot lunch over a camp stove. Fun! We were prepared to extend our lunch well into the afternoon, as L had expressed a rather intense desire to fuck my ass in the park. Everything was going very well and we were just at the point when lunch had been eaten and the cooking items packed up when L's phone rang.

After a brief exchange, including L saying that he had just stepped out to get some lunch, he hung up. L explained to me that when he had left for lunch, his boss had not yet been to the office for the day and he had assumed that he was going to be out for the entire day. Unfortunately, he ended up showing up at the office soon after L left and had been waiting to meet with L about some issue. After waiting a while, he had called to confirm if L was planning to return to the office so that he would know whether to continue to wait around for him or not.

I understood when L thought it would be best if we finished packing up and left. A little disappointed - I'm sure we both were - we did just that. As we drove back through the campground to the main road, I glanced at L and asked, "Straight back to work, then?" He responded regretfully in the affirmative. I had been checking to see if there was any wiggle room in there and if we could at least have pulled off somewhere for a quick blowjob, but it was not to be.

Feeling badly, that night L asked me if I could come see him after work the next day and we could look after our unfinished business. There had been a lot of build-up and anticipation that day and I think we were both feeling rather on edge. I agreed and the next night found me once again meeting L at his workplace. Our usual area was unavailable, so we decided to use a different room in another part of the office - certainly not as comfortable, but at this point, we didn't much care. We set up and I lowered myself onto the blanket and into his arms. After a brief round of kisses, we were both anxious to get busy. L had laid out the lube, condoms, various butt plugs and one of our dildos we like to call Big Purple.

As I sucked on L's cock, he lubed up his fingers and started playing with my ass, then moved to using butt plugs. By the time he was primed and ready to go, so was I. I assumed the doggy position and L slid his cock into my ready ass. In fact, he had done such a good job getting me ready that it was the smoothest and most comfortable start ever. In just a couple strokes, he was in all the way and as he paused, I grabbed Big Purple and decided I would use it in my pussy and we could have a little double penetration action going on. I turned the built-in balls so that they faced the front and wouldn't disturb L. I was already so unbelievably wet that Big Purple just slid right in and it felt amazing to be filled with two big, hard cocks. L started to move, fucking my ass like he meant it. While L drove me, I drove Big Purple and in just a few short minutes, an orgasm rocked my world. The heavy contractions squeezing the hell out of L's cock drove him over the edge and I heard him swear, then moan as he came hard in my ass.

It was only then, as I floated back to earth, that I realized my freaking knees were killing me! They were so painful that I could barely handle taking my weight off of them to get into a more comfortable position. As I looked up, I saw L having the same problem and we started to laugh. We both decided however, that except for the knees, that that was the most fantastic ass-fuck ever. It was certainly worth the wait.


  1. You are most definitely a girl after my own heart, working two cocks at once. It's too bad about the interrupted lunch with all that momentum built up, but I'm glad it carried through to the next day for you guys!!! ;)

  2. I love DP! One of my favourite things! Glad you enjoyed it, great post!