Monday, July 11, 2011

She said: Prostate Play

"Come on inside" his text said. I went in and locked the door behind me, stopping to use the washroom before I walked down the long, dark hallway. I hadn't had to wait long outside, but the drive across the city was terrible again. I'm going to have to find another route for the summer!

I put my bags down and helped to get everything set up before undressing and joining him, intertwining my body with his on the blanket. We rubbed our bodies together as we kissed and stroked each other. I used my weight to lean over and push him onto his back. After biting his nipple, he warned me that he was prepared for me this time and with the second bite, he reached for his riding crop and again warned that there would be consequences for bad behaviour. I did end up getting a few swats before I finally worked my way down to his cock. In no time at all he was rock hard and donning a condom.

I moaned as he entered me. His cock is so thick and I can always feel every nuance of movement as I snugly surround him. It feels incredible. I squeezed my vaginal muscles as tightly as I could to enhance the stimulation for him. My legs were spread, bent and raised off the floor, but I wanted to fuck him back and for that I needed leverage. I lowered one foot to the floor, twisted slightly and raised the other leg higher. He groaned and said he felt like he was in me even deeper than before. I raised my ass up off the ground and start fucking him back, matching his every stroke with an opposing one of my own.

After a fair bit of exertion on my part, I began to get tired and I opened my eyes to see L watching me with a big grin on his face. I've seen that grin before.....I'm never quite sure if I just have such a goofy look on my face that it makes him laugh or if he is just pleased that he has sent me into la-la land with his fucking or if indeed it's something else entirely that elicits such a big smile from him. I chose to imagine the "pleased" version and smiled up at him in response, though my eyes could barely focus at that point. They really felt like they were rolling back in my head! He was like the Energizer Bunny that day - he banged on and on - so long, in fact, that we were both sweating considerably by the time he finally succumbed. Focused on fucking him senseless, I was not worried about coming myself, however as he came, he reached down and bit into my right breast several times. The last bite he caught the full flesh between his teeth as he raised his head and pulled. "Harder!" I begged and almost before he could sink his teeth in further, the orgasm hit me. I bucked and moaned, my deep cries echoing in the large room.

I felt completely spent. Exhausted. Sweaty, but sated. We snuggled for a short while and L reminded me that I was supposed to have brought 'something' for him, but he could not remember what it was. I told him that I'd be lucky to remember my name at that point, but then he softly reminded me, as he caressed the emerging bruise from his bite, that it's "Voluptuous Vixen". He sent me for the camera and together we worked out an HNT pose, then it was on to playing with another new toy.

I've been very interested in prostate massage for some time now and have read many, many articles and tutorials on the subject. I am generally very interested in anything that can bring L any more pleasure than I can already give him. L on the other hand, is completely underwhelmed by the idea of having his prostate massaged, though in true L fashion, he is perfectly willing to try - or at least to put up with my interest in it and my attempts to provide him with a pleasurable one. I have tried it a few times with him manually, but my fingers are not long and in most positions, I can feel that I only just brush the edge of his prostate. We did at one point try a position that allowed me access to feel his entire prostate, but L was on edge the whole time and actually didn't like the sensations at all.

So, you might ask, why not just give up? We have a very full sexual repertoire (with more things being added all the time) and have wonderful why continue to pursue something he clearly doesn't care for? The answer to that is that much as L doesn't seem to enjoy it in the least, he has so far been unwilling to give up trying. He uses my previous views on anal as an example - had I been unwilling to be open with him, take a chance and make multiple attempts before we 'got it right', we would not be enjoying that act today. Though I see the similarities in the comparison, I don't think his issues with prostate massage are based in fear and previous experience and I think there comes a time where you just need to accept that there are some things that just don't provide sufficient pleasure to warrant continuing to do them. I do feel, however, that that's his call to make.

Since we hadn't tried using a toy for prostate massage, we decided to choose a prostate massager from EF that we could use to continue to explore. After comparing and reading the reviews, he finally settled on the Silicone P.E. Vibe Royal, a silicone prostate massager with vibrating capability. When we opened the box, I have to admit to being slightly horrified by the size of it and I suspect he felt the same way, since he commented that the next time we're choosing a toy, in addition to just looking at the dimensions and other specs for the toy, we should also make a point of viewing it "actual size", a great feature that EF has on their website. Though I've played with L's ass a number of times using fingers and small dildos, I've never really inserted such a large toy into him and I was a little concerned by how that was going to work out. I'm always afraid that I will not be sufficiently gentle and cause him pain and I could tell L was equally nervous.

Normally when I'm 'driving', I call the shots, but since I knew this was going to be a bit more sensitive than our usual play, I asked L to lie in a way that he felt he'd be most comfortable. I wanted him to be able to relax so that he could focus and try to enjoy the sensations, if indeed he could. He chose to lie on his side with his knees bent. I was glad I had suggested he choose, as that wouldn't have been a position I would have thought of at all. I sat on the floor behind him and while L slipped a condom over the toy, I set up everything else I'd need. There's nothing worse than having to look for something you need with hands full of lube!

I lubed up my fingers and spreading his top cheek away from his butt hole, I gently worked his pucker with lube before slipping a finger in. It has been my experience that L is usually pretty good with fingers, but with toys he clearly finds it very difficult to relax. He told me he was ready to go ahead with the toy, so I lubed it up, gently slipped it into his hole and stopped. I rubbed his back and told him he had to talk to me and he agreed. L's a pretty buttoned up guy and doesn't say much usually, unless it hurts. I wanted him to talk to me throughout the process - I wanted to know he was okay, or feeling a minor discomfort, or wanted me to stop or pull back. Little at a time, I inserted the toy, stopping for a bit after each segment. I had two segments left when L said it started to feel a bit uncomfortable. I changed the angle slightly and he gave me the okay to proceed and finally it was in up to the hilt. He was still very tense, however.

I asked him if he'd like to change positions and he was a bit concerned about doing that, but I promised him that if he just simply rolled from his side onto his back, I would hold the toy in place so that it would neither move any further in nor come out. With my help and encouragement, he very gingerly did so. I have never seen him look so uncomfortable and I don't mean physically so. In an effort to try and get him to relax a bit, I started to chat with him. I explained how, if he were alone, he could manipulate the toy to massage his prostate on his own using muscle contractions. Because I am very compact, I can reach both my pussy and ass just by reaching down between my legs when lying flat on my back. L however, is very tall with a long torso and he pointed out that there would be no way he could reach to insert or hold the toy in his butt from this position. I hadn't thought of that at all and in truth, was kind of surprised to see that it really was so.

After a few minutes, I asked him if he was ready to try the vibrations the toy is capable of. He agreed and I turned it on to the lowest possible vibration. Twisting the base increased the vibrations and I slowly dialled up the vibrations until it was at the maximum, stopping along the way for him to assess different levels. When I asked if he liked the vibrations, he responded thoughtfully that he "didn't not like it". I think for L that means that though it wasn't a bad feeling and even may have been a pleasant feeling, it did not contribute to any sexual feelings. With the vibrations off and the toy still in place, we talked a bit about how it felt, if it could feel better and why he was so tense about it. Something he said gave me the impression that the continued to endure prostate play because he felt I would be disappointed if we didn't continue. I assured him that my enthusiasm for it was solely the result of reading about what it could do for him, rather than any need on my part and that I'd be perfectly content to abandon the idea of prostate play altogether, if he so desired. Though he may yet surprise me by suggesting prostate play again sometime, I also wouldn't find it hard to believe that we won't be trying any more new sex toys for prostate massage!

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