Monday, July 4, 2011

She said: Some Much Needed Relief

Once again, due to a combination of girly days and lack of opportunity, I had gone more than two weeks without any sex - gasp! We had been together often within those two weeks - seeing each other two or three times each week, attending social events and having lunches together - but unfortunately had little or no privacy for anything but very limited play. A couple times I was able to give L a brief though effective blow job so that he could let off some steam, but except for one very hot encounter during girly days where L gave my ass a seriously amazing workout (the best anal yet - should we write about it? We were undecided - tell us what you think!), I remained frustrated. We had been trying since the previous week every way we could think of to try and organize to get together sooner including contacting each other on the fly when a few hours unexpectedly opened up, but it just wasn't working out. Any plan we came up with to meet earlier was just fraught with too many conflicts or risks for either one or both of us. There was no choice - I just had to wait.

The day finally came and just an hour before I was to leave to go meet him, L sent me an IM warning me that we might end up spending our time together eating shrimp and oysters at our favourite restaurant bar, as a few of his co-workers were talking about hanging around late. I snippily suggested giving them the money to go have shrimps and oysters instead, thereby leaving us alone to have fun! Alternately, I suggested L could invite them to join us. It might have be the one day I could have handled being outnumbered 4:1! I left the house hopeful that regardless of the circumstances, I was going to have sex that day.

Just my luck, I encountered the worst traffic ever on the way there. There's an old joke that Toronto has two seasons....winter and construction. Somehow, after passing my third or fourth construction zone and taking over an hour to get to L instead of the usual 25 minutes, I no longer found that particular joke quite so amusing. I arrived at last and was relieved when L texted me to say that everyone was packing up to leave after all.

Arriving late had its benefits - I didn't wait more than 5 minutes. I met him inside and we set up. Not only did we have the immediate business of getting my considerable itch scratched, but we also had a few things that we needed to discuss in person, some HNT pics to take and a new toy to play with for review. Though I wanted to get all the other stuff out of the way first, L overruled me and said fucking me came first. I was so delighted to be finally getting some that I was in a rather playful, mischievous and naughty mood. I straddled L as he lay on his stomach and started to lick and bite his back as I rubbed my tits all over him. In between the ouches and the mmmms, he reminded me not to leave marks, but it was too late. His fair skin bruises easily and he had no less than five small bite marks in a cluster on his back.

He flipped over - I think so he could keep an eye on me - but I was not concerned. I bit his nipple and he said "ouch!" and complained that I was I nipped the other one and giggled. I licked and bit my way down to his lovely package, laid out ready for me. I passed over the goods and instead, bit the inside of his thighs. He laughed and commented again that I was being very bad. Did I take him in my mouth then? Yes, but not as he expected. I slurped one of his testicles into my mouth and gently sucked and rolled it with my tongue. I've tried to do this before and I know very well that this makes L more than a little uncomfortable - not because he doesn't trust me to be gentle and not hurt him (I hope!!), but because he finds the experience far too sensitive. As soon as I felt him tense up, I gently released him and moved on. I lapped at his sac and licked along his cock, then blew on it before finally taking him into my mouth. L moaned his appreciation as I sucked him. My hands always wander as I suck him, stroking and caressing and sometimes even dragging my nails along his thighs, ass and stomach, however on this day, L gripped both my wrists tightly with his hands and held them captive on either side of him. Only when he was rock hard did he use them to pull me up beside him.

He kissed me then, and as we kissed, I ran my hand down his body and grasped his cock and began to stroke it. His erection really was quite impressive. He broke the kiss and told me to lie back and spread my legs for him. He donned a condom, settled in between my legs and with my guidance slid his cock into my waiting pussy. I moaned - I had been waiting for this.....then he too moaned and said he had missed fucking me. Though I didn't say, I had certainly missed it terribly too. Knowing I badly needed to cum, he took long slow strokes, grinding against my clit. Then he mixed it up a bit...faster harder strokes and slower grindy ones. I was already close to the edge when he came and he reached down and kissed me forcefully several times, then bit my lip, tugging at it as he pulled away. Never losing his rhythm, he bent over and took my nipple between his teeth and sucked and bit and pulled until the pleasure/pain put me over the edge. My pussy convulsed around his cock, throbbing as I experienced the most exquisite orgasm. We stayed that way for a minute, talking softly to each other. He said he could feel me throbbing around his cock and I could feel the girl juice running down my ass, forming a wet puddle on the blanket. We snuggled into our favourite position and quietly stroked and caressed each other while we recovered.

Since time was getting short, we decided to forego a "twofer". We still had HNT pictures to take a new toy to play with and things to talk about. We got up and while he went to get the camera, I made a quick visit to the washroom and then unpacked the toy. I've wanted to play with a Wartenberg Wheel for some time now. Every time we've seen one, I've diligently pointed them out to L and gone on and on about how fun they would be to play with. They seriously look so lethal! As I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it came with a blindfold. Holding it in my hands for the first time, I was quite disappointed to find that the spikes are not at all sharp and there is very limited sensation as you run it along your skin. No wonder is it categorized as Light BDSM. We took turns using it on each other on various body parts. I was so disappointed with the results, I even asked L if he thought it would work if we used a file to try and sharpen the teeth! We're going to try doing that and see what happens - either the toy will be ruined or we'll be in for some seriously interesting edge play, though we don't seem to be having much luck with our sex toys lately! Oh, the end, we do have a lot of fun testing them out.

Putting the wheel aside, we then took a few minutes for our talk and some HNT pictures before the alarm went off, indicating our time was at an end. We packed up and dressed and after a hug and a kiss, parted to go our separate ways. Feeling much more relaxed than I had been in days, I slept like a log that night. Would it be terrible to admit that I was already wondering when we would be able to be together again?

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