Monday, July 25, 2011

He said: Rug burn

"I hope I'm not getting rug burn on my cheek." Not really what I was expecting to hear out of V as I held her hips tight and banged her ass. Well I guess I wasn't holding tight enough because she was slowly getting pushed across the room. She had assumed the classic head down, ass up position shortly after I had slid my hard cock into her well lubed ass. In order to make the experience as pleasant as possible for her I had not scrimped on the anal foreplay. First I had used one and then two well lubricated fingers then switched to the bigger of our two butt plugs to make sure she was well relaxed before I went knocking at her back door with my cock.

The night before our picnic lunch I had got V all hot and bothered by telling her how I planned to bend her over and fuck her in the ass. I had packed a mini mischief bag with some lube and condoms for use after we had finished our omelets. V had even picked out a picnic spot where we were unlikely to be disturbed and parked her car in a way that would make it easy for me to bend her over the tailgate of her hatchback. Then the fateful phone call came and I had to return to the office earlier than planned. One can't really say to the boss when he calls asking where you are "In a park eating omelets, I'll be back after I give V a good banging". My boss is an understanding man but not quite that understanding. I could tell V was disappointed. We don't seem to have very good luck with picnics it seems. On another recent picnic, which you may hear about sometime in the future, I received two calls from the office before we even had a chance to get naked. I could tell V was disappointed as she drove me back to the office, even hinting that we could stop for a quickie BJ but I being the dutiful employee put the needs of the company first.

Now you are up to date on the story of how V ended up getting slowly pushed across the room by the ass. One of the issues V and I are always dealing with when we do anal play is lube. The stuff seems to end up everywhere. Here I was cock buried in her ass trying to hang onto her hips with my lube covered hands without much success when I remembered that V had asked me to take a picture of my cock in her ass. I could see the camera lying on the floor and stretched to grab some paper towels to try to delube my hands as much as was practical while still continuing to thrust into V's backside. Some people think rubbing their stomach while they pat their head is difficult that has nothing on wiping lube off hands while banging ass. I took a few pictures and then got back to the task at hand, making V cum. She had slipped our big purple dildo into her pussy and I knew she was close when I heard the thunk of it hitting the ground. She came moaning and I let myself go, pushed in deep and came too.

For putting up with my somewhat erratic publishing schedule I've included a special treat today, one of the pictures I took. If you don't like images of cock in ass then don't even think of clicking here.


  1. yeah know me. I clicked. ;)

  2. I giggled reading about your lube situation, I'm with you there, I always end up dispensing too much and getting it everywhere!

    Great pic! Very sexy!