Monday, December 12, 2011

He said: The One Where I do Mrs. Santa Claus in the Ass

Time was short and we needed to take some festive pics for the winding down of HNT. We had to use a different space than normal and were pressed for time because I had an after work meeting I had to attend so we quickly got down to business. V unpacked the decorations she had brought along and I got down to decorating. We quickly abandoned the idea of tying a rope corset with the garland, it was just too flimsy so instead I artfully wrapped and draped it around V's body and snapped a few pictures. Then I added a few nipple ornaments. The plastic ornament hangers V had brought with her made perfect little nipple clamps to hold the festive balls in place. The next scene we photographed is hard to explain but could be captioned "L decorating the Vmas tree". Once you see it you'll understand what I mean.

Then it was on to the moment I was waiting for. V put on her red velvet teddy, g-string and hat and was transformed into Mrs. Santa Claus. We took a picture of her cleavage in the outfit for last year's Three Christmas Wishes HNT and it was very popular. Ever had your cock sucked by Mrs. Santa Claus? I have, then I nestled my cock between Mrs. Santa Claus' magnificent breasts in a reprise of V and our first HNT.

Next up was what I had been waiting for all day. Mrs. Santa Claus lubed up her ass and I lubed up my cock. She leaned over the chair I had so thoughtfully provided and slid my cock into her ass. Can you think of anything naughtier than fucking Mrs. Santa Claus in the ass? I certainly can't. Mrs. Santa Claus held on tightly to the chair arms while I slid my cock in and out of her tight butt. I had a firm grip on her hips as I told her how nice it was to ravage her backside. I could tell from her moans that she didn't mind it hard and fast though I was concerned that her head might end up hitting the wall. It would not be good to give Mrs. Santa Claus a concussion so I made sure that as I thrust forward I also pulled back on her hips. It wasn't long before I came. We kissed and hugged for a few minutes afterwards and just as we were getting ready to start on round two so I could gift Mrs. Claus with an orgasm the alarm went off. Evidently we had spent more time than we should of on picture taking. As we quickly cleaned up I promised Mrs. Claus that I would deliver her present very soon.

Here is your present dear readers, a picture of my cock in Mrs. Santa Claus' ass. I have a funny feeling that there will be coal in my stocking this Christmas.


  1. Sounds like fun, and the picture is icing on the cake. Inspired by this post, I think I'll come down Jill's chimney tonight.


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