Monday, December 26, 2011

We said: An HNT Retrospective

For those of you who have not been following, Osbasso has decided that it's time to retire HNT after just over six and a half successful years. This Thursday, December 29th will be the final HNT post and then HNT will be no more. I'm sure that on many blogs, a form of HNT will continue. Our blog will continue to post some naughty pics here and there and it's even possible we may join one of the other groups around - Sinful Sunday or Wanton Wednesday - that remains to be seen.

L and I came late to the HNT party - we've only been participating for fifty-eight weeks - just over a year. In all that time, we've only missed one week and that was when we went away together on vacation and were having such a great time we forgot all about it, even though we had pre-planned what we would do! With the themed HNT's scheduled for Christmas, it didn't really allow for any room to fit in a retrospective of some of our favourite HNT's, so we decided that instead of our usual post this week, we'd each choose a few of our favourites to share with you.

We find HNT to be a fickle beast. Sometimes the most rushed and innocuous photo choice can elicit a large number of comments, whereas other times, we post with a smug sense of satisfaction at our creativity and wit and only get a few. Only one of our favourites is based on reader reaction though. Some are favourites by virtue of what was going on behind the picture - for the fun time we had in creating that picture. Some are here because in a simple photograph, the connection we share is epitomized. Yet others have made the list because even though the picture itself is not necessarily so remarkable, the combination of picture and caption goes so well together that (in our humble opinion) it really makes the HNT as a whole something special.

While we do Photoshop pictures at times, we rarely do more than crop. We do occasionally have to obscure either our surroundings or our identities, by removing backgrounds as well as tattoos, piercings, birthmarks and other tell-tale aspects on our bodies. Even though our picture idea for a week might not be at all titillating and may include only our hands or feet, for example, with the exception of two HNT's, we have always been completely naked when we shoot the photos, as this helps to keep clothing and other identifying items from inadvertently being included in the shot. We've even taken pictures that looked fine on the viewing screen of our phones or cameras only to see it on the bigger screen later that night and realize it's unusable. Nothing's worse than trying to figure out how we can get back together in time to reshoot a failed attempt at an HNT - trust me, it has happened a few times!

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Favourite HNT's, but in no particular order. Note that where marked, there are click-throughs and that the post titles link back to the original postings.

Our HNT #6 - Both L and V's pick

V: This was last year's Three Christmas Wishes HNT and was nothing exceptional. What made this post special was that at the last minute, L added in a cropped version of a picture he had taken of me wearing my Mrs. Santa costume for him. As a direct result of that picture, that one post has had double the pageviews of any other HNT we've ever done. It has to be the boobs - the words just weren't worthy of that kind of traffic!

L: What can I say, nothing like a pair of fur encased boobies to drive page views. I guess lots of people have naughty Mrs. Santa Claus fantasies.

Our HNT #11 - L's pick

V: I liked this picture myself. It's a still frame from a short video L took of him doing naughty things with my breasts. L had to go out of town on business and I was on my own for HNT for the first time. L had shown me how to extract a frame from the videos and I had pored through looking for a suitable shot. I recall him being quite pleased with my choice.

L: People get to look at V's boobies but I get to squeeze them. Some women don't like their breasts played with but V likes a good boob squeeze and nipple bite on occasion.

Our HNT #26 - L's pick

V: I'm a big fan of having my nipples nibbled. Who am I kidding? I like to be bitten. Hard. L likes to bite. Hard. A match made in heaven.

L: If this keep up people are going to think I am breast obsessed. Well, truth be told, I probably am.

Our HNT #2 - V's pick

V - We tossed around a number of different captions for this photo. It was being posted the week of American Thanksgiving, so we knew we wanted it to follow that theme, but we thought comments about "breast" too obvious. We both laughed when we came up with the one we used, which was "white meat or dark meat?".

L: 'nuff said.

Our HNT #39 (click-through) - L's pick

V: As a surprise for L, I ordered a pair of vampire gloves online. There was a mixup and when I followed up after a few weeks, I found that the order had been lost. I sent my proof of payment and they rushed the gloves out to me, along with an added treat by way of apology for the error. I laughed when I opened the box, because L and I had been talking about getting some clothespins to mess around with. These pins were all joined together with a beaded thread that could be pulled to remove all the pins in one big tug. Very ouchy, but very nice! I think L really enjoyed pulling that string.....

L: Another breast picture, I guess there is no used denying it now playing with V's boobies are loads of fun. I picked this picture because the clothespins were an interesting accessory to a fun afternoon.

Our HNT #29 - L and V's pick

V: Clearly our most risque HNT, it is actually a frame from a video that was taken by L's friend, Theodora, who was visiting from England - only we hadn't written the story of that yet! So we instead used this HNT as a lead up to the Theodora story.

L: We often strain the bounds of the HNT concept which is about "nekkid" not "extremely naughty" like this pic is, but it was just so hot we had to publish it.

Our HNT #44 - L's pick

V: This is a prime example of an HNT that I didn't think was anything too special, but yet this HNT garnered our highest number of comments on a single post, HNT or otherwise.

L: Sometimes V doesn't appreciate what a great photographer I am. Just teasing sweetie.

Our HNT #17 (click-through) - V's pick

V: I love this one - so freaking cute! One wouldn't think fingers with faces on them could be so expressive, but they'd be wrong!

L: This was V's concept and I think it came out great.

Our HNT #36 - L and V's pick

V: This post is really the culmination of three separate posts and too complicated to replicate here. The first and second lines and the pics that went with them each appeared in their own post previously, tied together with the final lines in this post along with a pic of us at the nude beach. The first post is actually my favourite of the three and we only came up with the idea of following through with the Dr. Seuss-like verse after it was already posted. We decided right away what the second line/picture could be right away - very easy, but then ruminated about what we could do for the final bit. Thank goodness we had two weeks to think about it! We chatted about it just days before post time, while sitting on our blanket at the nude beach and threw out all the rhymes we could think of...and finally L came up with the final line. What a relief!

L: As she says, I'm brilliant.

Our HNT #40 (click-through) - V's pick

V: No secret - we love rope. We have lots of different colours, lengths, thicknesses, and even made from different materials - nylon, silk, cotton and jute, for example. When I was roaming the hardware store one day, I spotted this glow in the dark rope used for securing boats and since it was cheap enough, I bought it, figuring it was a small price to pay for the amount of fun we'd probably have with it. I was right!

L: Rope has been a supporting cast member for many of our HNT's. This was an extra special rope occasion.

V: Well, there you have it - our top 10 favourite HNT's of all time.

L: You missed one V - there's still one left here.

Our HNT #47 - Post-It Note Theme - Only HNT Os ever commented on

V: Oh, you're right. That's the HNT from the week Os announced a Post-It Note theme. What made that post special?

L: In 58 weeks of HNT participation, that HNT is the only one where Os has ever left a comment.

V: Wow - so that's a very special HNT indeed!


  1. #17 is cute overload... me likey

    #11 I'm rather fond of this too.

    V and L, you two have had so many wonderful HNTs I'm surprised you could pick favorites.

    Thanks for the sexy peeks.


  2. We love your pictures, but the ones with the fingers - especially the click-through - may be our favorite. Very cute! And the Mrs. Santa picture is really sexy! So is your #29. We've taken a few HNT pictures that have pushed the boundary between sexy and naughty.

    We haven't posted too many HNT pictures on our own blog, but we've been participating in OHNT since 2009. We are currently re-posting all of our 2010 OHNT pictures on our blog. We wanted to preserve not only our pictures but the comments, in case OHNT is ever deleted. We're doing that on a weekly basis every Wednesday.

    Great post!