Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 12/20

Happy Holidays!

This time of year there are so many holidays and celebrations that overlap, which is why it is called Holiday Season.

1. What will you be celebrating? If it isn’t a commonly known holiday or celebration (i.e., Christmas, winter solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa) briefly tell us about it.
I celebrate Christmas.

2. What’s your favorite Christmas or holiday tune?
My favourite Christmas song is Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. I thoroughly enjoy Christmas songs sung or played in the traditional format - more hymnal. They set the tone of what Christmas is all about to me, rather than the contemporary renderings playing on the radio all day every day these days - not a fan at all.

3. If you are giving or receiving gifts this holiday season:
- What’s the gift you most want?
- What do you think is the best gift you are giving?
I do exchange gifts with my immediate family and two or three special friends. I am not too bothered about receiving gifts and rarely have anything I "want" or ask for. In fact, I have a bit of a reputation of being hard to buy for. Every now and then, though, I am absolutely tickled to receive a gift where someone has made an effort to do something special for me. I take great pleasure (not to mention time and effort) in gifting the special people in my life with very personal things that they will love and it is so meaningful to me when someone does the same for me. I'm giving a couple gifts I'm very pleased with this year - I bought someone two books by an author they really like, but to make it extra special, I emailed the author and asked if she'd autograph them. The author agreed and so I mailed her the books and got them back last week. My sister will be thrilled when she gets the autographed books with the printed email thread between the author and I tucked in the pages. The other is for L, but since he might read this, we'll keep it a secret for now.

4. If you could spend this December holiday season anywhere, where would that be?
Somewhere quiet and alone. Okay, maybe I'd take someone special with me, but that's it.

5. Your family has announced that the holiday celebration & get-together will be at your home. You think to yourself:

a. Yes! Finally…the more the merrier.
b. I don’t have enough room for all of you, but let’s rent a hall and you all get hotel rooms.
c. Over my dead body, I don’t want you freaks in my house.
d. Hmm…I wonder if it’s too late to book a flight to anywhere, leaving on Christmas eve?
How about option e. Again? Christmas has been celebrated at my house every year for over 20 years now - I'm the only one with a house large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably.

6. Have you ever given a fruit cake as a Christmas gift or a gift at all? Do you even like fruit cake?
I hate raisins, so I'd imagine I'd hate fruitcake. Never given, received or tasted one. I'd probably pick the nuts off the top, though!

Bonus: Share with us one of your holiday traditions.
Every year I bake (literally) hundreds and hundreds of cookies and close to fifty cakes and give them away as gifts, mostly to elderly friends of my parents that are no longer able to bake for themselves. That way, if someone comes to visit them, they have something to serve with the tea, starting with me when I visit to drop them off!

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  1. Talk about an awesome gift! I hope your sister is as thrilled by the autographed books as we would be!

  2. want to go along with me to a cabin in the snowy woods for Christmas? We can play traditional songs and enjoy the peaceful quiet. :)

    I love how you bake and share as part of your Christmas. I wish I could do this but everyone I know either does the same thing therefore not needing any more sweets, OR....they can't/don't eat the sweets. I do participate in a cookie swap, so that takes care of my baking/sharing needs! My kiddos love cookie swap day. :)

  3. I'll be happy to get back to baking and making goodies next year, I do miss doing that but have been too stretched between school and work these past few years!


    ~Kazi xxx

  4. 2. I like the traditional songs to have a hymnal or the traditional arrangements. I can't stand these pop stars twisting the tunes and mashing & smashing up the lyrics. Ick!

    3. Book for your Sis and the effort to get is signed is very nice.

    Bonus: Ahhh V, you are so thoughtful. (I secretly loathed your for being so craftsy and a good baker, unless of course you'd like to bake me something *big cheesy grin*)

    Happy Holiday Season!