Monday, December 19, 2011

He said: Lunch for a Coyote, I Think Not

We should have know better than to attempt outdoor sex in December but hey, we are just a pair of crazy kids. A forecast warm December had us walking down the roadway in a closed park looking for a good place for lunch and a nooner. I remarked to V as we walked that we should have brought along an umbrella in case it rained. We had envisioned a quiet secluded lunch on the blanket followed with some potential hanky panky as is implied by the picture below.

Alas and alack what we ended up with was this.

A rainy lunch in a steel roofed, concrete floored picnic shelter with a mangy looking coyote eyeing us from the distance. You may not be able to see him or her in the picture but trust me it's there. Now we might have laid out our blanket on the cold hard concrete floor of the picnic shelter and went at it like the randy libertines we are if it weren't for the steady parade of dog walkers. You have to really love your dog to walk it in a monsoon like downpour a 15 minute walk from the front gates of a closed park.Though we did have a nice lunch of cheese and crackers the whole tie V to the tree with the Fetish Fantasy Series Japanese Silk Rope that we had received from our sex toy supplier Eden Fantasys  would have to wait for another day, perhaps next year because in our neck of the woods tying someone to a tree in the dead of winter is considered beyond the boundaries of the triple S of bondage and fetish play. I did give V a little preview of what I had planned for her, and I must say the rope is very nice and soft, much nicer than the cheap Home Depot stuff we usually use. If you do it do remember, silk rope should never be used for suspension.

So this post documents a case of fuckusnotquiteus. Wouldn't you know it that 5 minutes after V and I went alone on our merry ways the suns came out. Curses to the weather gods.

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