Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our HNT #57 - Three Christmas Wishes

Without a doubt, Os is correct - this is the most difficult HNT of the year. The theme is an interesting one - to come up with a wish or a gift for three of your fellow bloggers with whom you wouldn't already be exchanging gifts. Sounds easy, right? Not so!

Much like we did last year, we spent a considerable amount of time deciding who would be the beneficiaries of our gifting and then considerably more time deciding what their gifts should be! Since there are two of us, we are cheating a bit and actually gifting to six of our blogger friends. Each of these recipients hosts a blog that we enjoy and follow and we thought that this would be a great way of saying "thank you" for the great stories and continued inspiration to keep things fun. Of course, there are many other deserving bloggers, but we could only pick three. Each. So, without further ado, here are our recipients in no particular order:

Riff Dog from Ashley and Me

We'd like to provide Riff with a pencil and a notebook - heck, since we don't even have to actually pay, we'll even say a new computer - whatever it takes to get the Hannah story out of this guy. We're seriously about to give up on waiting to see what happened with Hannah........

Mrs. Discontented

Mrs. D., as we affectionately call her, has expressed an interest more than once in rope bondage. She is always intrigued by our rope play and though we hope one day to be able to have some rope play with her in person, we thought that in the meantime, we could give her some rope and a very good book, Bondage for Sex, to teach her some of the basics and maybe even give her some new ideas.

The Big Book of Breasts

Much like L, Hedone is a big fan of breasts. I've bought L a few books about breasts, including some that are 3D and require glasses to get the full effect, but he really likes this one and recommends it highly. We hope Hedone enjoys perusing its pages.

KaziGrrl from Dragon's Kink

Fire cups

Fire cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine where the inside of the cups are heated with a flame forming a vacuum and put against the skin, where it suctions on. It's supposed to increase bloodflow to the area and promote healing. Fire cupping has become a popular form of edge play with BDSM practitioners lately and is sometimes coupled with fire or blood play. We'd like to give KaziGrrl her own set of fire cups. Of course, one needs to learn how to use them properly, so we'd send Kazi and her Sir to "An Introduction to Fire Cupping" as well!

One of our homemade floggers
At first, we were going to spring to have Yummy's second nipple pierced for her (we like symmetry!), but then we decided a homemade gift would be better and thought we could make her one of our homemade floggers. Stingy or thuddy? I'm working on a beauty now.....

Jack and Jill from Frisky in the 916

Jack and Jill, much like me, are very much into books and words. I would like to gift them a series of quirky reference books. I think they'd enjoy learning the definitions of unusual words or even the origins of everyday ones. Hey, maybe they'd even be interested in co-authoring a lexicon with me - we can call it The Dictionary of Naughty Words.

We hope you all enjoy your virtual gifts. We wish you - and all our readers - a very happy holiday season, whatever you celebrate!


Don't forget to visit Os to see who else is playing this week!


  1. You guys rock! We are two of the biggest word nerds around (Jack especially), and while we do indeed own several references books on words in general, these are three we do not own. It's probably too late to order them for pre-Christmas delivery (as gifts to ourselves), but we've ordered them nonetheless. Well, not the Origins of English Words. After the awesome deals we found on the other two, Amazon Marketplace's prices were a bit high, but there are a couple used book stores that have excellent reference sections, and we'll take a look there.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow! Thank you so much guys, I SO want to play rope with you two!

    I'm definitely going to get myself that book, rope bondage has actually been on my mind a lot this last week, so perfect timing.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow!! thank you so much for thinking of me and I love the idea of the fire cups! :D

    I received some gift cards to Amazon and will be ordering a cupping set I've had my eye on for Sir and me to try ;)

    Merry Christmas!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. *smooches*

    Thank you V and L for the "Big Book of Breasts".

    Damn, should have stopped by here sooner so that I could've put this on my Christmas list. Well, it's still Hanukkah...