Monday, December 12, 2011

She said: Festive Fun

I was getting ready to go out to meet with L. We were planning on shooting some pictures we needed for our upcoming HNT posts, so I was running around picking up items we'd need - some Christmas decorations for our tree, my Sexy Santa suit and so on, when I received a text message from L that said, "All I want for Christmas is to fuck Mrs. Claus in the ass!". I finished my preparations with a big smile on my face and left.

Circumstances necessitated that we use a different room than we usually would and we set up in there. It had far less space than we were used to, but we've been in close quarters before and managed. I unpacked the various items I had brought for decorations and put them all in one area on the floor, then undressed and waited for L to tell me what to do.

We had kind of talked about picture ideas for our Christmas Tree HNT and I had suggested we take a fifty foot length of garland and tie a rope corset around me. We had ornaments to hang from the garland and a star to use to obscure our faces and we were all set. L started to tie using his "rope", but it soon became clear that the garland wasn't sufficiently tensile to be able to properly tie a rope corset with. He moved to Plan B, which was to more drape than tie the garland over my body and we took some pictures.

Next he asked me to put on my Sexy Santa outfit, which consists of a red velvet teddy, g-string and hat, all lined with white marabou. After reorganizing some of the furniture to set it up to his satisfaction, he called me over. Still fully dressed, he sat down in a chair against a wall, removed his pants and asked me to suck his cock. I knelt on the floor in front of him, ran my hands up his bare thighs and took him in my mouth. While I sucked his rapidly engorging cock, I slid my hands up his t-shirt and held him at his waist. So engrossed was I that I barely noticed that he took pictures.

When he decided he was ready to fuck me, he stopped me and stood up. He turned me around to stand facing the chair, then puttered off to rummage around before returning with some reams of paper. He had me stand on the paper to alleviate the height problem, then bent me over with my hands on the arms of the chair. He pulled off his shirt, lubed up his cock and stepped forward to slide it into my waiting ass.

The stacked paper caused a bit of slip and slide action, but otherwise was useful to bring my height up to where he could reach me better. That minor instability coupled with the force of his thrusts meant that I really couldn't let go of the chair in order to play with my clit while he fucked me. As it was, his first stroke nearly made me bump my head on the wall behind the chair! Instead, I kept my arms and legs rigid and pushed my body back against his cock with every stroke. He stopped only briefly to snap a picture or two. He muttered a constant stream of dirty talk...about what he was doing to me...about how great it felt. I knew he was enjoying himself immensely and between his dirty talk and his moans I was turned on something fierce. His fingers dug into my hips as he pistoned into my ass. As he orgasmed, he drove his cock in as deep as it would go and held it there tightly as he growled his pleasure.

He pulled out and bent over and kissed my back. I straightened up and thought "I must be getting old" - my back and legs were stiff. I turned around and put my arms around his neck, taking advantage of the extra inches. I was just about to snuggle into his arms and kiss him when his alarm went off. We looked at each other in surprise for a second before he moved away to turn it off. We must have spent more time than expected taking pictures, because now we were out of time. L had a meeting to go to and we couldn't stay any longer.

I scooped up my clothes and went to the bathroom, figuring it would be faster to clean up and dress at the same time. When I returned to the room, L was dressed and eating something I had brought for him. I packed up the decorations and got everything ready to leave as quickly as I could while he moved the furniture back where we found it in between bites. As we worked, L said how bad he felt that we had run out of time and promised we would get together again soon to remedy that. Within minutes we were out and kissed each other goodbye before going on our separate ways.

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  1. This line..."His fingers dug into my hips as he pistoned into my ass. As he orgasmed, he drove his cock in as deep as it would go and held it there tightly as he growled his pleasure" is SO HOT!

    Also it's great reading this after I've seen your HNT, I can imagine it all more clearly ;-)