Monday, December 19, 2011

She said: Heavy Rains Lead to Flooding

Once again, the holiday season is upon us and with it, the usual challenges of finding time to get together in between our stepped-up home commitments. This "infrequent visit" patch is always swiftly followed by the actual holidays where L and I are at home or out of town with our families and although we still talk to each other nearly every day, it does mean a long break where we don't get to see each other at all.

To make the best of the "infrequent visit" patch of time, we decided to have one last lunch at the Conservation Area we've visited (and written about) several times in the past. The park closed down for the winter on Thanksgiving weekend back in October, but we figured we could park at the gated entrance and hike down into the parkland. The weather was expected to be fairly warm for December - certainly on the plus side of zero - however it was supposed to rain until mid-day and then clear up. We decided to meet for a late lunch to give the rain time to pass, since we'd have quite a long walk to get to a suitable place to stop and have our lunch.

Knowing L as I do, I went commando and wore a shirt that buttoned down the front for easy access. Otherwise, I dressed warmly AND wore socks and brought mittens, though I despise wearing both. I brought two bags with me. I had packed our lunch into one and the second contained a tarp and a sleeping bag.....just in case. As I turned onto his street, it started to drizzle and I chuckled to myself. Figures. I picked L up and we drove over to the park gates, but fortunately by the time we got there, the rain had stopped. I parked in such a way as to not block the gates or be in anyone's way, since there really wasn't any designated parking there. We got out and with L carrying the bags I had brought, we head through the barrier.

It wasn't very cold at all, but it was quite overcast and dark for mid-afternoon. Areas of the sky were brightening up, but others remained ominously black. As we hiked in along the tree-lined road, we remarked how much closer it seemed when driving. We turned the corner and the wooded area opened up to the first large clearing. We decided to walk on, since this picnic site didn't have a sheltered eating area.

L glanced across the open field and said, "Is that a dog?" I looked and wondered myself. Whatever it was observed us very intently as we walked along. L thought it was more likely a coyote. It was a great distance away, though, so I didn't worry about it and we walked on. We started down a small incline and I told L I thought we were close to the first picnic site with a shelter. I was right. We had the choice of continuing walking along the road to reach the shelter or taking a shortcut down a fairly high and steep grassed hill and across the field. We decided on the shortcut and carefully made our way down. I was relieved it wasn't too muddy, so we didn't really have any issues with our footing.

We reached the shelter and sat at one of two picnic tables available there. As I put out the food, I noticed a woman in the distance with two small dogs on leashes and a third larger and clearly older dog trailing slowly behind. Several minutes later, a man walked up the road...and then a park vehicle drove down. We wondered if they would ask us to leave, but they ignored us and drove deeper into the park. Partway through our lunch, it started to rain. Not mist. Not drizzle. Actually, not even the word "rain" adequately describes the torrential deluge that started. The sound of the heavy rain was magnified by the tin roof of the shelter - it sounded like the roar of a waterfall.

We finished our cheese, crackers and soup and I packed up the garbage. The rain teased, easing off for just a minute or two before resuming. I looked up and pointed out to L that our friend the coyote - or perhaps it was a friend of our friend - was again across the field watching us intently. I laughingly told L that I was so happy that I was no longer limping from a recent injury, as the coyote might think "Ooooh...there's a fat, tasty morsel...and she's limping...I'll bet I could catch her, no problem!"

He laughed and took my hands across the picnic table and held them both in one of his. With the other hand, he reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a bundle of purple rope. This was not our usual rope - it was the latest sex toy Eden Fantasys had sent our way from their bondage and fetish offerings, the Fetish Fantasy Series Japanese Silk Rope. He unravelled it, found the bight and tied my hands at the wrists. The texture of the rope was not the same as the rope L usually ties with - though strong, it was fluffier and quite soft.

Wordlessly, he got up and walked over to the back corner of the shelter, tugging me along behind. He tied my hands around the support upright, then wound the rope around the rest of me, pulling me in tight. After stepping away for a moment to admire his work, he came closer again and started to talk to me. He told me that he had planned to bring me down into the park, tie me to a tree and fuck me, but that even if the rain had not washed out his plan, the park was still much busier than he expected, considering it was supposed to be closed to the public. He spent a few minutes telling me in no uncertain terms exactly what he had planned to do to me while he had me strapped to the tree and I squirmed in my binding, getting very turned on and wet.

He kissed me before releasing me, promising me a raincheck on the tied-to-the-tree sex. The rain had stopped and we decided to make the hike back to the car right away in case it started up again. I was going straight home, but I didn't want L to have to sit in wet clothes for the rest of his workday. We arrived at the car without incident despite the slightly more treacherous ascent of the hill to the road, now that the ground was muddier. I drove L back to his office. I left him with a kiss and as I pulled out onto the main road, wouldn't you know it - the sun broke through the clouds and shone gloriously on the wet roads.

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