Monday, December 5, 2011

He said: On Hold

V and I had planned an afternoon motel quickie. After she picked me up she told me about a conference call that had been slipped into her schedule just before she had left to pick me up. My boss had taken off early for the day so I didn't expect to run into any issues. As we settled into the room V got ready for her meeting I relaxed on the bed. VV had helpfully brought along wraps, chips and some pop to drink. While V's meeting was underway I ate my wrap. When I was finished my wrap and chips I toyed with V's cleavage, squeezed her ass and generally pestered her in the nicest possible way without making a sound.

All of a sudden strains of orchestral music filled the room. Oh crap, my phone was ringing so I scooped it up and headed for the bathroom. Silly me, when I had left the office I had told my colleague that if he needed me for anything he could call me, so he did. As I chatted in the echoing bathroom I hoped that the participants in V's meeting had ignored the sudden burst of noise. I finished my call and returned to the bed where V was still deeply involved in her meeting.

I undressed and V got very naughty, sucking my cock while her meeting progressed. Then my phone rang yet again, off to the bathroom I rushed. Maybe this quick afternoon assignation wasn't such a good idea after all. I returned to V when my business was concluded. She looked like she had enough of her meeting and made her excuses as she terminated her participation in the meeting and got down to the real business of the afternoon, yummy naughty sex.

V stripped off her clothes and kissed her way down my body to my cock. A bit of nuzzling and ball licking and then she got down to the business of getting me hard and ready to fuck her hot juicy pussy. I grabbed V by the hair and forced her head down on my cock. Sometimes V likes it a little rough when she is sucking my cock and I do my best to make her happy. It's important to keep the woman who's teeth are in intimate contact with your cock happy. A sudden smack on the ass is ok but you don't want to surprise her too much.

Forcing V's face into my groin is all well and good but at some point the rubber has to meet the road and the cock has to go into the pussy. V spread her legs and and I slid into her. As I pounded her pussy I complimented V on the hotness and tightness of her pussy, I called her a cock slut and bit her nipples. She seemed to really enjoy the nipple biting, much more than I do when she does it to me. I didn't bother to time how long we fucked but when we both came close together it seemed like we had fucked just the right amount of time. After an appropriate period of rest and snuggling we moved on to round two, V fucking me back with abandon. I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say a good time was had by all. Unfortunately all good things must invariably end so V and I cleaned up, got dressed and headed off on our respective ways with smiles on our faces and visions of naughty afternoon fun dancing in our heads.

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