Monday, December 5, 2011

She said: Motel Madness

We were both horny - nothing new there. Thing is, it had only been a couple of days since we had last seen each other and it would be several days more before our evenings lined up again to be able to meet. We just didn't want to wait that long. As a last resort, we compared daytime work schedules and there was some definite flexibility there, so we decided to play hooky from work for a few hours and get a room at a local motel.

We picked a time frame we thought would work. For me, it was a rare entire afternoon with no meetings scheduled. For L, it was a day when his boss would be leaving early. My last meeting for the day was scheduled to end at noon and at that point, I planned to go run a few errands, ending up at L's workplace to pick him up. From there, we would go to the motel and spend a couple hours together. By then, my workday would be over, but I would take L back to work to finish working out his day before heading home. Easy peasy.

Moments before my last meeting was to start, I got a notification that the meeting had been rescheduled. I hoped for another day, but was chagrined to see that the new meeting time was later the same day during the time I was supposed to be with L. My fault entirely. Normally, when L and I make plans for lunch or whatever, I book it off in my work calendar like a meeting, so that my time shows as "busy" and usually precludes people from scheduling meetings during that block of time. Unfortunately, because our arrangements were made so quickly and on the fly, I neglected to do that, allowing my colleague to book me in. I absolutely didn't want to cancel with L - not an option as far as I was concerned. I seriously didn't think I could last the whole weekend without a thorough fucking. I think my libido would have beat me over the head had I done so. At the same time, it was an important meeting and I knew it would be problematic if I didn't attend - even my boss was going to be there.

I contacted the meeting organizer and mentioned that I hadn't been feeling well and had managed to get a doctor's appointment for just after the start time of the meeting, so though I would be able to attend, it would be possible that I may not be able to stay for the entire meeting, depending on how quickly the doctor's office processed patients and called me for my turn. I wasn't completely sure of what timing was going to work for L, so I decided to leave it at that and see how things panned out. I also forgot to mention it to L, until we were just around the corner from the motel and my calendar reminder on my phone went off to remind me of the meeting starting in 15 minutes.

I explained to L and as usual, he was very understanding. He secured the room and we went in. Neither of us had eaten lunch yet and I had brought a couple wraps to eat afterward, so I thought I'd give him the food now so that he could eat while I was on the phone. I had just enough time to ditch my jacket and my pants and get comfortable on the bed before dialing in to join the call. I put the phone on speaker and lay back listening. The organizer announced that I needed to leave the meeting early and that he would cover the topics requiring my input first and the meeting began. For the first ten minutes, I had to speak at length about some areas I had been working on and as I did so, L ate his wrap. One of my team of techs was going off the rails, upset about an interaction with another department that wasn't going smoothly. I soothed his ruffled feathers and promised to intervene and work out the issue with the offending group. I looked up and smiled at L - he was now eating potato chips.

While this was going on, L lay quietly beside me. Every now and then I'd reach over and give his tummy a little scritch or run my hand along his arm. I felt badly to know that my call was eating up some of our precious motel time. At one point, he reached over and ran his fingers along the edge of my top, stroking my cleavage. A sudden blast of music cut through the air and L jumped up and grabbed his phone which he had placed on the night table. L has a large deep voice and he had to move to the bathroom to take his call in order to not be heard on my call. The organizer moved on to other topics and after a short while, L returned. I soon became distracted by L, now lying naked beside me. I reached over and caressed along his arm....then his stomach....then I sat up and took his cock in my mouth. Someone addressed a question to me and I popped up and responded....only to have L's phone ring again! He grabbed it and hustled to the bathroom again.

This time when he returned, I thought he had waited for me long enough. I interrupted the speaker to advise that I needed to drop off the call and said goodbye. I checked the clock - half an hour had elapsed, but it was surprising how much had happened during that short time! Finally, it was just L and I, and no more interruptions. I put my phone on my night table, took off my shirt and my bra and panties and climbed back into the bed with L. After delivering a playful bite on his nipple, I lay a string of big open-mouthed kisses down his body until I reached his cock. Wanting to make him wait a bit, I licked his balls and nuzzled around his cock before finally licking along the length of him and taking him into my mouth.

L moaned and after the first few long sucks, he rested his hands on the back of my head and raised his hips of the bed to fuck my mouth. Every now and then he'd hold my head more firmly onto his cock, forcing his rock-hard cock down my throat. Though it blocked my airway, he'd let go in time for me to gasp for more air. Finally, he said he couldn't wait any longer to fuck me and he pushed me back onto my back and rolled over in between my legs where he slid his cock into my waiting pussy.

He fucked me with abandon, growling very dirty talk at me while I writhed under him turned on as much by his words as the feeling of his cock sliding into and out of me. As I turned my head to the side and opened my eyes, I saw my phone on the night table and I was suddenly concerned that I hadn't hung up properly. Glancing at L, who could easily see I was out of the moment, I reached for the phone. Of course it was fine and as I replaced it, I told him that I had worried I hadn't hung it up, to which he responded that it would be far too late to worry about it if I hadn't! We resumed and within moments I was once again immersed in the sensations of his body on and in mine. He leaned down and bit my breast and I caught my breath at the same time as I tumbled over into the most exquisite orgasm. Within moments he followed.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and returned to snuggle in beside L. We talked quietly about this and that while we lazily stroked each other. It wasn't too long before those strokes became more purposeful and we embarked on round two! My body, still sensitized, raised off the bed to welcome his and we had another fantastic time. Alas, all good things must come to an end and so it was with our tryst this day.

L had to get back to work and I had to get back across the city to get home, so we got dressed and packed up our things and left. On the way back to his office, I apologized to L again for having to use some of our time for my meeting, but he just looked at me with a wry smile and pointed out that if it weren't for my meeting, our play would have been interrupted twice by his phone calls, so it was just as well. Either way, the time together was well worth it.

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