Monday, September 26, 2011

She said: And They're Off!

Sitting chatting online, L asked me if I'd like to go with him to the racetrack in a couple days time. After confirming the times, I agreed - I was sure I could get out. Remembering what happened the last time we went to the track, I suggested that we meet there each in our own vehicle. I knew L particularly wanted to see the 10th race and if something did come up, I didn't want him to miss seeing it because he had to take me back to my car. He's such a sweetie, he wouldn't have complained, but I'd have felt badly. L agreed that two vehicles would be okay, but then the following night asked if I'd like to meet at his office beforehand for a quick fuck. Of course I said yes. I'm so easy....sigh.

I left the house early. As I left, I texted L to say that I was leaving and running errands on the way, but that he should confirm our meet time, since things could have changed since we last spoke. While I was in the second store I hit on the way, he responded to say we were still on and asked if we should meet at the track or at his office. Since I thought we had already agreed on the office, I wondered if perhaps L didn't want to get together before and was giving me a choice hoping I'd meet him at the track. This is how my mind works, unfortunately - always overly sensitive about whether someone actually wants to be with me or not. Even if it were what I wanted, I couldn't bear being with someone that didn't want to be with me. I responded to say that the office was fine...unless he preferred to meet at the track. He then said that either was fine with him. Sigh. I digested this for a few minutes before answering....did he want to meet beforehand or not? Before I could respond, he clarified his preference - to meet at his office - and asked if that was okay. I said, "Yes, please!"

I arrived at his office just a few minutes before he did and occupied the time reading my book. I saw him pull up out of the corner of my eye and we went inside. We didn't want to eat up too much of our track time, so we got right down to business. We quickly undressed and lay down side by side. L took a fistful of my hair and pulled my head to his, kissing me. His hand roamed from in my hair, down my back and placed hot pinches on my ass, before moving up to my hair again. He asked me how I wanted it and for once, I knew exactly what I wanted. I had been thinking about riding his cock all day.

I got ready to climb on top, but one look at his hard cock was my undoing...I just had to suck it. There's something about having this man's cock in my mouth. A few swirls with my tongue and then I scooched up his body, straddling his hips. As soon as I guided his cock into me, I knew I'd be cumming in no time at all - I nearly orgasmed just getting properly seated. I tried to hold off as long as I could - when I'm on top, my orgasms are very strong and afterward I feel so very lethargic, that it's sometimes hard to continue and I didn't want to make L wait. It felt incredibly good, though and I think that was the quickest I've ever come to orgasm. L clearly was of the same mind, since he was quite vocal and came within moments of me.

After a short break, I started to move again, but now I was so soaked that we were making interesting squelching noises that were more than a little distracting. Giggling, I suggested to L that perhaps it would be helpful if I cleaned up a bit before we continued, but he said we should pack up and head out, since we were only meant to be having a quickie and we didn't want to get to the track too late. I was a tiny bit disappointed as I was sure it would be a multiple orgasm kind of day, but he was right. He knew I wanted more, though, so before I scampered off to the bathroom to clean up, he kissed me and promised that if I were good at the track, we could stop in again on our way home. When I returned, L was already dressed and packed up.

With the promise of a return for round two, we ended up driving together after all and it wasn't long before we were parked and walking in to the track. The day was quite breezy, but thankfully the sun was shining so it didn't seem so cool. Neither of us had brought our jackets with us. We arrived just as the 6th race finished. I had perused the program the previous night and had chosen my picks for the first 6 races, but since I now have a better method for picking my horses, it would be simple for me to apply that method and continue picking the subsequent races, so I wasn't worried.

Soon after we arrived, L was texting with his friend - his tout - and turned to me to say that his friend was also at the track. Uh oh! I asked L if this was a problem and offered to split up with him or leave, but he said that it was fine and that he'd just introduce me as a friend he ran into at the track should his friend happen by. That did mean, however, that I would have to keep my hands to myself. I sometimes find this hard when we're together - though I'm not usually in other parts of my life, I'm very touchy-feely with L and touch him often, even if in a small way. Happily, further texting later on would reveal that his friend had misunderstood L's earlier questioning and was actually at their local bar rather than at the track.

This was my third visit to the track (Visit #1 and Visit #2 here) and you'd think I'd be used to losing by now, although I did much better than I have in the past. Normally, the horses I choose come in near the end of the pack. Too bad there's no prize for dead last! This time, however, I'd bet a horse to win, and it would place second or bet a horse to place and it would come fourth. I was always just out of the running. I was stunned, however, when the horse I chose to win in the 10th race actually won! Of course, L had done a great job as usual throughout, winning exactors and more complicated bets as we went along.

It was getting late, so we went inside to cash in my betting voucher and my winning race voucher. I was still down $10 from when I started, but really, $10 for an afternoon of fun is nothing. We walked back to the car hand in hand, then travelled back to his office, chatting as we went. It was getting late and I should be going, but I couldn't resist the pull of going back inside for something quick before leaving. I explained to L that time was very short and it was decided that we'd have time for at least a blowjob.

Although I'd do it and still enjoy it, I much prefer performing blowjobs on a naked man - not only do the clothes provide restrictions as to how much of him I can take in my mouth, but I also like to stroke and caress his legs, ass and abs with my hands while my mouth works on his cock. With that in mind, I had L remove his pants and underwear before getting settled in a comfy chair. Deciding to change things up a bit, I grabbed some lube and rubbed it into my hands. Alternating between sucking him and stroking his cock, he was soon rock hard. I looked up when his body shifted and was a little pissed to see him with his cell phone in his hands. I was torn between concern at losing my touch or concern at losing my temper, thinking he was checking his effing email, but mollified my reaction (either way) when I said with mildly questioning raised eyebrows, "If my hands weren't full of lube just now I'd take that away from you."

L looked at me surprised - then it dawned on him where I was coming from and he quickly explained that he had grabbed his phone to take a picture of the proceedings. Feeling decidedly chastened, by way of apology I offered L the option of either cumming down my throat or on my face. He didn't think too long before deciding on the latter and he stood up to have me finish the job. I turned it over to him at the last moment and when he was done, there were streaks of cum in my hair, all over my face, on my breasts and dripping all over the floor. Have to admit - it made a great picture.


  1. Mmm.

    "This post is worthless without pics"...of the finale :-)


  2. Sexy, exquisitely-written, and so vivid! What a great read. And the picture was the icing on the cake.