Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 9/27

Gone Hollywood

1. If a screenwriter turned you into a character in a movie,
a. What stock Hollywood character would it be most like? For example: best friend, ditzy blonde, absent-minded professor, captain of industry, etc.
b. What actor/actress would play you?

Hmmm....maybe the best friend? I'm quiet, don't like to be in the limelight and seem to attract an inordinate number of people that want to confide in me. I'm holding secrets for other people you wouldn't believe! Who would play me? That's a hard question. I can't think of a single celebrity that I would equate with me for either looks or personality, so I'll just pick Halle Berry, for no other reason but that she's hot!

2. What genre of movie is your life most like? For example: romantic comedy, goofball comedy, spy, coming of age, action/adventure, sci-fi, etc

Old as I am, perhaps a coming of age would best describe my life. I'm a late bloomer in many ways.

3. What kind of scene in a movie would you like to play most? Why?
a. Argument
b. Love scene
c. Gun fight
d. High-speed car chase

Definitely a high-speed car chase. I love to drive. I love to go fast. I love excitement. One of my sons, who assures me that it's a compliment of the highest order, always tells me I drive like a man.

4. Have you ever looked around you and thought “this is like a scene from a movie”? What were the circumstances?

Of course! Sometimes I feel like my whole life is one series of unbelievable events.

5. Have you ever looked at a character in a movie and said, “Hey, that could be me”? Who/what was the character?

I'm not much of a movie watcher, so this has never happened to me.

Bonus: Have you ever been in pictures–Hollywood film, porno, homemade video, or other type of film? Tell us about it. …and is it on YouTube
I've starred in several of L's homemade naughty videos, as well as appeared with L in another video filmed by a third. I've also appeared in many music videos that are on YouTube with the band I'm in now and a couple with another band I played in for a while. My (spoken) voice is also recorded on a demo record for a band that made it big. We were in the recording studio and someone overheard me talking, said my voice was very distinctive and that they'd love to have me say a few lines on their recording. Too bad the song never made the cut for their first album.

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  1. 1. V, I'm that girl too. The one that people tell their most intimate secrets. Even strangers confide in me.

    2. Well I'm glad you've blossomed right here in blogland :)

    3. Hmm. Not so sure that's a compliment. In my world, most of the men I know, including 90% of past lovers, are all horrible drivers.

    Bonus: How exciting. I'm so dying to "discover" you. But I won't pry...I'll just fantasize about who you are.

    Happy TMI Tuesday


  2. Your answer to #1 is a lot like Jill's, as she's not always comfortable in the limelight and prefers being a "supporting character." Great read. Happy TMI Tuesday!


  3. wow i love that u r in a band! what type of songs u play?