Monday, September 26, 2011

He said: V mounts up

The weather forecast was good and there was a stakes race at our local racetrack so I asked V if she'd like to spend a few hours watching the horses run. With fall quickly approaching it was likely to be our last visit to the track for the year. It had been a while since we had fucked so I asked if she'd like to stop at my office for a quickie before and she quickly agreed.

On the appointed day at the appointed time we met and went inside. This was to be a no nonsense fuck so the mischief bag was still tucked away in it's hiding place.The blanket was spread, our clothes were shed and we quickly got down to business. A few kisses, a few pinches on the ass and V was ready to ride. In keeping with the theme of the day I laid on my back and she lowered herself into the saddle. It usually doesn't take V long to cum when she is in cowgirl mode though I guess in this case it would be more properly described as jockey mode. I knew she was going to ride me hard and put me away wet as she ground her pussy against me with me hard cock deep inside. I was doing my best not to cum too fast even though she was providing a considerable amount of stimulation. Finally I couldn't hold out any longer and told V I was going to cum. She responded by telling me that she had also been trying to hold off so I let go, she let go and we came almost simultaneously. V continued to fuck me. Even though I wanted to continue I knew that we had to get going so I reminded her that we had to get going soon so she reluctantly dismounted after I promised her that if she was a good girl there might be more sex for her later in the day. We cleaned up, got dressed and headed off to the track.

After parking and getting settled in we go down to the serious business of deciding which horses to bet on. I had a reasonably successful day, winning more money than I spent. V won on the last race of the day, her first win in the three times we had visited the racetrack. She seemed more surprised than anything else since her previous handicapping experiences had always been money losing ventures. The only tense part of the afternoon occurred when I received a text from one of my friends who is a big horse racing fan which made me think that he was at the track too. V made sure she kept a respectable distance between us until I determined that he really meant her was at a local bar we occasionally frequented.

We drove back to my office after cashing out our tickets and I decide to feed V's oral fixation for our second session of the day as we had limited time. I stripped off my pants and underwear as V lubed up her hands and began to work on my cock. V looked so hot I pulled out my phone to take a picture of her as she played with my cock. V of course figured I was checking my email or something because she growled at me. I laughed as I explained that I was simply taking pictures. I decided that since she had doubted my motives I was not going to cum in her mouth as usual but instead cum on her face. I slipped on her blindfold so that I didn't get any cum in her eyes and unleashed a torrent of cum. Though I had originally been planning only to cum on her cheek and maybe her lips but instead managed to shoot cum in her hair, on her breasts and even some on the floor. The picture I took became my second naughty pic of the week. For sticking it out until the end of this post I offer you another picture from that day. The black areas are an attempt to both shield V's identity and to look artistic.

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