Monday, September 19, 2011

He said: Not really a pickle in her ass

Due to an oversight on my part I managed to make it to the office on our preplanned V visit day without my office keys. This meant that we ended up in a less desirable part of the office where the floor was a little harder, the temperature not so controlled but V and I are troopers so we soldiered on. The blanket was spread, clothes were shed. After a short bout of snuggling and kissing I mounted V and gave her a hard fast fucking . It had been a while since V and I had been together and I was having a hard time holding back, her pussy was so warm and tight. She was thrusting back as best she could as we talked dirty to each other. It wasn't long before I came. V likes clit fucking so after fucking her for a few more minutes I slipped out of her pussy and rubbed my cock along her pussy with the head sliding over her clit. I wanted to push V over the edge so I bent my head down and took her nipple between my teeth. A good hard - but not too hard - nipple bite will usually push V over the edge but not this time. It took a few more minutes of clit rubbing and nipple biting before V moaned in orgasm.

We were in no rush so we spent a few minutes in post coital chit chat. V was very feeling particularly naughty and kept biting my nipples. Finally I grabbed the ping pong paddle and told V if she continued I was going to give her a paddling she wouldn't forget.V decided that she should put her mouth to better use and move on to sucking my cock. It wasn't long before I was on top of V once again.The room was hotter than normal and the exertion made us sweaty and slippery. I was having a hard time really giving V the good ramming she likes so much because my hands kept slipping on the blanket. I took a handful of blanket in each hand and drove into V over and over again. We soon climaxed and I collapsed on top of V, thoroughly satiated and exhausted.

We separated and V rolled over on her stomach at about the same time I spied the anal plug from sex toys provider Edens Fantasys that has been waiting patiently in our mischief bag for review. No time like the present I thought as I pulled it from the package and lubed it up. As I slid into V's backside she let out a small exclamation.We had ordered this anal toy because the other ones we had just didn't want to stay in without a herculean effort. V commented on how comfortable it felt and told me that she planned to wear it until bedtime if she could. We packed up and headed our separate ways. When I contacted later that night true to her word she was still wearing the plug.

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