Monday, September 12, 2011

She said: A Day of Treats!

We hadn't had anal in a very long time, though not for any reason in particular - it just worked out that way. One night while planning our visit for the next day, L pointed this out and said I was overdue. I agreed, reminding him that we have an anal toy still to review for Eden Fantasys.

I showed up at his office the next day and I couldn't wait to get started. We set up and while L organized the lighting, I unpacked the items we'd need out of the mischief bag. Condoms, lube, the anal toy and another butt plug ready to go, I joined L in stripping bare. L was already lying down and I took his extended hand as he pulled me down to join him. Even though it had only been days, it always seems to feel like forever since we were last together and we spent a long while kissing and caressing each other, before I coyly asked him what he'd like me to do for him. He appeared to think for just a moment or two before declaring that he'd like me to suck his cock.

I made my way down his body, kissing and nipping as I went, until I reached his cock and took it fully in my mouth. His moans spurred me on and while I sucked his cock to a massive erection, he prepared my butt for the invasion of said cock. I got on my hands and knees and he took his position behind me, snapping the leash on my collar just before sliding his cock into my ready ass. Not that I didn't have good reason, but I always find it hard to believe now that I was afraid of anal for so long - L makes it so good I can hardly stand it and as always, I was so turned on that my pussy was soaked before he could even get fully inside my ass.

I glanced over toward the mischief bag and saw a small vibrator handily available. I grabbed it, pressed the button to turn it on and applied it to my aching pussy all in one smooth motion. By now, L was sunk deep into my ass and started picking up the pace. I started to push back in the opposite motion to his strokes, pushing my ass cheeks firmly back against him, trying to coax him to speed up and really give it to me. As he tugged on the lead, L started talking dirty to me, asking me if I liked having his hard cock in my ass and saying that my ass was his and his alone. Through my gasps and moans, I agreed - it seemed only fair, since it's only because of him that I enjoy it so much. My moans grew louder and just as the orgasm ripped through me and my ass contracted tightly around his cock, L squeezed my bottom in both hands and blew his load. Panting, he stayed still for a moment, then leaned over and kissed my back, giving my ass a final squeeze before pulling out. Though hard on the knees, it was amazing.

After a few moments of rest, L said he had a surprise for me. He lead me into another room where he had a very special setup in place. L sends me porn all the time. I explain to him things that I like or fantasize about and he searches it out and sends me two or three different videos to see which is most like what I have in mind. Lately, my thing has been bondage porn and being fucked while immobilized and he had sent me a couple very hot videos to check out. The surprise waiting for me was that he had a frame erected that was very reminiscent of the frames I saw some of the women tied to in the bondage porn. He had ropes already in place to bind my wrists and ankles to the frame.

After swinging from the frame himself to reassure me that it could easily bear my weight, he led me into place and starting with my ankles, tied me standing spread-eagled within the frame. Secured, he blindfolded me, then started to play with my tits, pinching and biting them. After a minute or so, he moved behind me and kissed my neck and ran his hands down my body before kneeling behind me and biting my ass a number of times. He stood back up and asked me if I were ready. The first lash, though anticipated, was startling and I gasped. He started with the slut paddle and worked his way through our various implements - the ping pong paddle, his hands, a light flogger and another heavier one before the finale, the heaviest of our floggers. While it does sting, this flogger generally has more of a heavy thuddy feel to it, which I love. He paused every so often to squeeze my hands and after the second or third time, I realized he was checking to see if they were cold, which would indicate that I might be tied too tightly, prohibiting circulation. At one point, the falls wrapped around my side and I wriggled in protest at the stinging sensation that caused.

I don't know how long we went on like that, but I did hear when the alarm went off sounding that it was time to start packing up to head home. L asked if I'd had enough and nodding my assent, he untied my wrists and ankles from the frame. I suddenly remembered that we had neglected to use the anal toy during our play earlier. Since we need to review it, I mentioned to L.....then broke out in a huge grin. I guess I'll be getting more anal again soon!


  1. Being one who has never had the pleasure of anal, your story has completly re-awakened my desire feel the sensation of fucking an ass, so turned on right now.

  2. This is a far more sensual accounting of the "meeting". L totally left out all the kissing and cuddling in the beginning. (Just like a man ;p)

    Lots of detail: "L makes it so good I can hardly stand it and as always, I was so turned on that my pussy was soaked before he could even get fully inside my ass."


    Wait! I feel cheated. I read this entire passage and there was NO anal toy review. (just kidding)

    Loved the details V.