Monday, September 19, 2011

She said: V is Naughty

I arrived and after a very short wait, L gave me the "all clear". We went in and set up. No big rush today - circumstances allowed us more time than usual. After a big hug, we undressed and took to our blanket. I scooted over close to where L lay on his side and lay on my side facing him, sliding my knee between his thighs and wedging my thigh tightly into his crotch. Wiggling even closer, our bodies touching from where my head rested by his shoulder to where my pointed toes just barely touched the tops of his feet, we kissed and rubbed on each other. I reached my hand in between us and took his cock in my hand, augmenting the press of our bodies.

I wasn't long before he was hard. I rolled to my back and he followed, impaling me in one swift motion. Head back and eyes closed, I moaned my pleasure. I rested my hands on his upper arms and held on as I joined him stroke for stroke, heels dug into the floor. We fucked vigorously and I whispered dirty thoughts to him in the quiet room. L came - and not quietly, either - I think he likes it when I fuck him back. Smiling up at him as he continued fucking me, I added my hand to the mix to help out. L pulled his cock out, slotted it along my slit and lay his weight on me, sliding back and forth, his cock head bumping my clit with every very wet glide. This felt incredibly good and in no time, I orgasmed.

Both of us tired and sweaty from the exertion, we lay resting and talking quietly about this and that. Feeling rather mischievous, I leaned over and bit his nipple. "Ow!", he exclaimed. A few sentences later, I leaned over and bit him again. He sat up and rifled through the mischief bag, coming up with a ping pong paddle. He warned me that I'd better stop biting his nipples, or there would be consequences. I moved so that my hands rested on either side of his head and my body hung above his and kissed his neck and ears....then moved down toward his nipples, to find his hands covering them. I laughed. I asked him to move his hands, which he did...and then I bit his nipple. And laughed. He reached for the ping pong paddle, only to find that when he was busy covering his nipples, I had reached back and slid it out of his reach. Laughing at his protests, I nipped him again and then asked him what he'd like me to do instead. He said he wanted to fuck me again and asked me to suck his cock. I happily slid down his body and sucked him enthusiastically until he was rock hard. He climbed on board and fucked me thoroughly, both of us climaxing together.

It was at this point that I remembered that we had once again failed to play with the anal plug we are supposed to review for Eden Fantasys- the Bootie Butt Plug. Laughing, we decided to take it out of its package and check it out. Based on the shape of it, we thought this one might actually stay in. L lubed it up and the smooth silicone ensured it was inserted with no issues. Sure enough, it seemed to stay in with no problems. The t-style handle is flat and contoured to the shape of my bottom, so knowing it would be no problem sitting with it in, I suggested to L that I'd like to try to wear it until bedtime to see how comfortable it would be. He seemed amused by this idea and agreed.

We got dressed and packed up. L was heading off to meet some friends and I was planning to stop for groceries on my way home. After a hug and a kiss we parted ways. I drove back across the city and pulled into a grocery store that I thought might have a hard-to-find item I had been seeking for the last couple of days. As I got out of the car, I was gently reminded about the butt plug as I walked across the parking lot, chuckling to myself. How many times have I heard someone describing a passerby as "walking like they had something stuck up their ass"? Was that meant literally? It suddenly struck me as funny that I had never considered that they actually might have an anal toy up their ass! Was I walking funny? I didn't think so.

I soon became engrossed in picking up grocery items and forgot all about the plug. I paid and left, going to a second grocery store, where I finally found that elusive item and then stopped in at an electronics store to look at stuff before finally heading home. After putting away my purchases and finding something to eat, I went and sat on the couch with my book. I was engrossed when a sudden vibration heralded the arrival of a text message. It was from L and read: "Is it still in?" I smiled and responded that it was. We chatted on and off for the next hour or more before I finally went off to get ready for bed. At this point, I had been wearing the plug for nearly 5 hours and only in the last 30 minutes had it started to become a little uncomfortable, so I was pretty impressed with that.

I removed and washed the plug, stashing it with my other sex toys and got ready for bed. Snuggling in under the covers, I relaxed and smiled, thinking back on all the wonderful things that made up my day as I drifted off to sleep.

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  1. 5 hours! I can barely wear mine for an hour without getting so excited I can't focus. You're my hero! ;-)