Monday, September 5, 2011

She said: All Tied Up, But No Place To Go

L has been away on business for several days now and has unfortunately been experiencing some internet problems. He will be publishing his account as soon as he is able.


L and I have joined a group of people who meet monthly to practice rope bondage and to learn new and different techniques and ties. It's no secret that L enjoys tying me up and that indeed, I enjoy being tied up. This gives us an opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded people and to continue to learn about something that interests us both. The point at these events is strictly practice, however and not play, so everyone is fully clothed.

There is such a wide variety of people there too - of course there are the people you'd expect to see there, but then there are always some surprises, like the British-accented young man, tanned and with windswept curly hair that always looks like he just came back from a sail on his yacht, or the cute boy-next-door that arrives with his diminutive girlfriend, or even the lovely eastern European woman who quietly allows her partner to suspend her from the ceiling in different configurations. The other interesting thing is that they are all so young! We are the oldest pair there - and probably by quite a lot - but we are accepted and made comfortable, nonetheless.

There are always various instructional books available that we will often borrow and thumb through looking for some new tie to try. This night, we watched some instructional videos our host provided, then L suggested I find a tie I'd like to try from the books and he'd tie me up. Looking for something new and different, I perused the book as L looked on over my shoulder. He saw one he liked and we decided to start with that one.

L wrapped the rope twice around my hips, then asked me to place my hands, palms on my butt cheeks and fingers pointing toward the floor. He then bound my wrists to keep my hands in place. Tightening the whole tie, he then took the rope down and between my legs from back to front, slid it under the rope encircling my hips and brought it back through to the back again, pulling it tight before tying it off. I do like having the rope run between my legs and suggested to L that we try this one one day when we're naked. We wanted to take a picture, so after clearing it with our host, we moved to an area of the room apart from the tying area and took some pictures, being careful not to inadvertently capture any of the other guests in our shot.

My shoulder started to get tired from that position, so L untied me and I went back to the books to find another to do. I've been interested in immobilization for a while now (I'm dying to be pallet-wrapped!) and I found a tie that would achieve that effect. Starting at my ankles and tying my legs together, L tied me from toe to shoulders like a roast of beef, using 100 feet of rope. We wanted to take a picture, but I had to be careful, being able to only shuffle inches at a time with my legs so bound. After a lot of effort, we finally made it to our picture taking area and got some shots of the tie.

The third and final tie we did for the evening was something that I had thought of on my own. I tried to explain to L what I had in mind, but he asked me to try and find a picture so he'd have a better idea. I did finally find something similar in one of the books and explained the differences between the picture and the tie I visualized. L set to work. For this tie, I lay on my back and bending my knees up to my chest, I spread my legs, holding my ankles, one in each hand. L was concerned that I would be uncomfortable in this position and kept asking me if I was okay, which I was. As he finished tying my left wrist to my left ankle, L got up to go get another piece of rope. Still concerned, L turned back to ask how long I thought I could maintain the position. I made eye contact with him and with raised eyebrows, quietly said, "You should know.......".

I think it was only then that L realized that this was almost exactly the position I often assume when he's fucking me and his face broke out in a huge grin. In fairness, he doesn't normally experience it from this vantage point! The fact that it was a great tie for fucking wasn't lost on some of the other ropers nearby, however. Several came by to see and made comments about liking the tie and how useful it might be in the bedroom. Still grinning at my earlier comment, L returned with the rope and tied my right side, finishing the tie. Messing around with the finished work, I found that I had more range of movement than I had anticipated - I could straighten my legs or bend them or close them in together - it's nice to be flexible! I really wanted a picture of this tie, but we couldn't take a picture where we were and I didn't think there was any way I could move to our picture area tied in this way, though afterward I did wonder if I had gotten L to get me up to my feet if I'd have be able to travel to that area somehow. I'm pretty heavy and the room was quite crowded though, so I didn't like to suggest it on both counts.

I stayed tied up in this position for a good while before I finally asked L to untie me. He did so and soon after, our host reminded us that it was just about time to pack up and vacate the room. We bundled our rope, packed them in our bag and said goodnight to our host and fellow riggers. Stepping outside, the night was clear and warm and we held hands and crossed the busy street to get to our vehicle. As I drove L back to his car at a suburban mall, we talked about pallet wrapping and how horny I was from all the rope tying. As I dropped him off, I got a hug and a kiss and a promise to be together again soon.

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  1. I would love to go to a rope class and me and a friend keep discussing it... think I'd be wanting to get naughty as soon as the rope came out though.