Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our HNT #46

We got together tonight with some kinky friends and someone broke out some rope. I kept pestering L to tie me up, but he was busy chatting. I sat pouting for some time before he finally caved, stood me up and tied me from shoulder to ankle, arms tucked in and completely unable to move. He turned away to continue chatting. I leaned back and fell onto the sofa where I sat, completely immobilized. L came and sat beside me, still chatting with our friends until finally, after about an hour, my hands were starting to get numb and I had to ask him to untie me.

After leaving our friends for the night, I was complaining to L that my hands were still a bit numb and that I had wanted him to take a picture of the very impressive rope marks left behind for tonight's HNT and he hadn't, because he said we had done that before.....when he said that I was being not at all amenable tonight and deserved to be spanked. I looked up at him to laugh and realized that he was quite serious. He stopped walking, bent me over and spanked me, saying "Bad girls get spanked, even on a busy sidewalk!" I wish he had moved it to the middle of the road - I can just hear the car horns now! :)

I like to call this one " Number 4"....or was it number 5? I lost track!


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  1. Super sexy! The fact that it was on a busy street makes it even hotter!


  2. Nice! though I hope your hands/arms got a nice massage later... makes me nervous to lose feeling there...



  3. Now why don't I ever see anything like that out in public? I would've offered to take the picture. ;)