Monday, April 30, 2012

He said: Amber Gets it in the End

Amber was becoming one of the biggest discipline problems I have to deal with. She almost never attends class and often dresses totally inappropriately. I had been informed that the caretaker had caught her smoking a joint behind the school and when he had told her he was going to inform me she had offered to give him a blow job if he'd keep his mouth shut. I couldn't call her parents because she over 18, officially an "adult" student because she had failed so many courses.

She flounced into my office and dropped into my chair. White blouse tied under her impressive breasts, short plaid skirt, the very picture of a naughty schoolgirl. I knew that if I didn't get the situation under control her behaviour would become more disruptive. As I closed my office door I instructed the secretary that I should not be disturbed.

Amber had her feet on my desk and was chewing gum, acting like the insolent little bitch she was. I surprised her by grabbing her shoulder simultaneously ordering her and pulling her out of the chair and leaning her over the edge of my desk. I flipped up her skirt and gave her three good hard smacks on each ass cheek. Her sharp intake of breath showed that I had gotten her attention. After a few more smacks on each cheek my hand was getting sore I decided it was time to switch to the riding crop. I pulled down her panties and she meekly lifted each foot as I commanded her to facilitate me removing her panties. I cropped each cheek but she didn't make a sound. She was a tough one. As I continued to crop her bare ass I told her that good girls get fucked in the pussy and bad girls get fucked in the ass. Time for another change, I put down the crop and removed my belt which I applied to her red butt cheeks.

With my belt off it was a simple matter to drop my pants and move to her head. Grabbing her hair I told her to suck my cock so it was good and hard. She complied with my instructions, opening her mouth and sucked me like the slutty schoolgirl she was. While she sucked I squirted some lube on her ass and worked first one, then two and finally three fingers into her backside all the while telling her how a bad girl like her deserved to get fucked in the ass. When my cock was as hard as a poker I removed my fingers from her ass and moved between her spread legs. I told her to spread her cheeks for me as I rolled on a condom and lubed up my cock. I pressed the head of my cock on her pucker and pushed forward.  It slipped easily into her ass. I looked down and saw her hands clench as she softly said "It hurts". At first I thought it was part of the role play but then I realized that V had broken character. I held steady to allow her to relax and after a few moments she gave me the all clear. I pumped her ass with vigour while she moaned and writhed below me as I told her what a nasty slut she was and that if she wanted to get fucked in the pussy she needed to improve her behaviour. I moved my hands from her hips to her breasts and rolled down her bra, twisting her nipples. After a few minutes of ass fucking and breast abuse I couldn't hold back any longer and came.

Afterwards as V and I cleaned up we decided that her schoolgirl outfit had come in quite handy for helping to pass the time while her piercing healed and her whohaw was off limits. We both agreed that it was our most successful role play to date.

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  1. What a sexy schoolgirl/headteacher roleplay post and what makes it even sexier is knowing that it wasn't just fantasy, you were actually in character! Your description of the spanking was so real, I could almost hear the smacks land on her bottom and with each smack, my heart almost missed a beat.