Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TMI Tuesday - 5/1

The Here & Now 

1. Are you wearing any jewelry? What?
I wear quite a bit of jewelry all the time.  I have six piercings, but in addition to all those orifices being filled, I also wear an anklet and bracelets...but no rings, except the one on my toe.

2. What are you listening to now?
The sound of my fingernails on my keyboard, while I answer these questions and chat with L.

3. What is the last piece of entertainment media (i.e., cd, download, book, DVD) that you purchased? Do you recommend it?
I don't buy CD's or DVD's really, so it would have to be a book.  I received a shipment just today with 6 books, but 5 of them were for my sister, as she mentioned a series she was interested in reading, so I bought them for her.  The sixth is for me, but I can't tell you the name of the book, since I've been blabbing about it around here for the last month.  It's a self-help book, which I don't normally go for, but if this plan works for me, I promise I'll circle back and sing its praises!

4. What kind of undergarments are you wearing right now? Care to post a photo?
Black lace bra, black thong.  No picture, I'm too warm and cozy to get up and take one.

5. What is your current mood?
Perhaps a bit reflective.  Today was a crazy day, full of change and redirections.

6. What is the best looking thing about you today?
My hands.  I've been using tons of hand cream lately and it's paying off.  Also those too-long (for me!) nails actually look very nice...and there are 10 of them, all at the same time!  Unheard of!

7. Fill in the blank. Tonight I’m looking forward to _tomorrow_ . 

Bonus: Tell me something good…anything you want to share. Just do it ————-
My VCH piercing healing period is over...time to test drive this baby!  (Hence #7)

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  1. We're intrigued by the self-help book you mention in #3. Knowing that you're a big reader, we should have known this answer would be book-related!

    Jill was also wearing a black bra and thong when she answered #4. There's a picture of her at our blog, though, should you care to have a look.

    Way to end the post with a bit of a tease! We look forward to hopefully reading about what tomorrow entails!

  2. Great answers
    #4 I'm now starting to miss my sexy undies. Can the evil time of the month end so that I can ditch the grannies argh!
    #5 I'll soon be in a reflective mood. I have to make certain changes, assess certain decisions.
    #7 I was about to ask what happens tomorrow but saw the answer to the bonus q. Can't wait to read about it

  3. Mmmmm, cozy~ Now I'm thinking about curling up in just my bra and panties in a warm fuzzy blanket.