Friday, April 27, 2012

L's NPotW - Peekaboo

You probably have already read V's post about getting pierced. V likes to keep her coochie hairless so the three weeks of vertical clit hood piercing healing have been agony to her, not because she had any pain, but because our friendly neighbourhood piercer banned any visits to the waxer! I had to really Dom down on V, not only insisting that I would be posting a pic of her clit piercing, but also talking her off the ledge because the picture included a little bit of hair - it's not that bad.  My cock has made numerous appearances on the blog, but this is V's coochie debut!

V says: Holy crap!  I've been hairless for so many years, I had no idea I have some grey pubes!

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  1. This picture is delicious, and hair or no hair, we'd give it a lick.

  2. Ooooh! It's very pretty. I'm so impressed with your fortitude. In getting pierced and getting bared. If it makes you feel any better about those greys...just fib to yourself and call them clear or colorless like Od does. ;)