Friday, April 20, 2012

L's NPotW - Bottoms Up!

I debated on whether to post this one or not. Do you think I have old man balls?

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  1. Your balls are as young as they feel.... on a chin, an ass or, in her case, a nose... ;-)

  2. Nope! Not old man balls. They're like boobs, ya know? They move around, get in the way, then slide out of the way sometimes. They like to hang around and do their own thing. All perfectly wonderful things. :)

    And might I add what a delicious ass you have?

  3. No, your balls are very nice looking. And V looks quite sexy sucking your cock.

  4. I'm sorry but I burst out laughing when I read 'Do you think I have old man balls?' They're sexy, definitely not old man's balls. You also have a very sexy ass I must say. V looks like she's having an awesome time under you.

    Thanks for following my blog. It helped me discover yours. Now to catch up, get to know you better and perv over your pics and posts *naughty slightly evil laugh*