Monday, April 30, 2012

She said:The Naughty Schoolgirl

I was dressed for the part.  Short sleeved white shirt, open and tied just below my breasts, cleavage bared; very short plaid skirt, barely covering my white-cotton-pantied bottom.  White stay-up stockings with bows at the tops and sensible black shoes completed the outfit.  I wandered down the hall, chewing my gum, my face the picture of bored indifference.  I knocked on the door marked "Principal's Office".

"Come in." I heard faintly from inside.

I walked in and plopped down in the guest chair, propping my feet up on the desk.  I looked at him enquiringly, taking in his stern disposition.

"I've been expecting you Amber Aslut (like ass-slut).  Mr. Johnson, the caretaker, has been here and told me what he caught you doing outside. " 

"The name's Aslut (like az-loo).  It's French."

I looked him in the eye as he continued, "He even told me that you offered to perform...."  Here he broke off, clearly uncomfortable.  He rose from his chair and cleared his throat before proceeding - "...oral sex...on him if he didn't report you.  Your behaviour, Miss, is unacceptable."

"Whatever."  Like smoking a joint was the end of the world.  I can't believe that caretaker would rather report me than get sucked off.  I continued to be more interested in chewing my gum than anything the Principal had to say, despite the fact that he towered over me beside the chair now.  He rapped his hand on the desk beside me to get my attention and instructed me to throw my gum out, motioning toward the waste basket. I removed the gum from my mouth and stuck it to the bottom of his desk, before looking up defiantly.

Exasperated, he grabbed me by the upper arm and pulled me up out of the chair. "You're going to be sorry you did that, Amber.  Your attitude is disgusting and you need to be taught a lesson."  He bent me over the side of his desk and administered four or five sound spanks to my unseasoned ass.  Outraged and determined not to let him get the better of me, I rudely asked, "Done now?"

Apparently not.  He reached for a nearby crop and proceeded to deal blow after blow to my ass.  The pain was intense, but I refused to cry out.  Asking if I was learning my lesson, I muttered, “Fuck you.”  I suppose he heard, since he eschewed the crop for the belt he pulled free of his own pants and resumed the lashes.  Brandishing it between strokes as he lectured me on my “slutty” ways, he became suddenly quiet.

Slipping his fingers in the waist band of my panties, he pulled them down to my ankles, then ordered me to lift one foot, then the other to step out of them.  Worried now, I asked what he was going to do.  I heard the sound of his zipper as he came across to the side of the desk.  “I think the best lesson I can teach you will involve making you a member of the ‘Principal’s Club”.

“What’s that?”, I asked warily.

“Something I reserve for only the hardest cases - I’m going to fuck your ass, young lady.” 

I whimpered and started to cry.  Downing his pants and guiding his cock with one hand, he fisted my hair and forced my mouth to his cock with the other.  “Suck my cock and make me hard.”

My neck strained as I tried to comply.  Not wanting to increase his ire, I tried to pull back slightly to ease my neck, but continued to lick and run my tongue around the head of his cock.  That didn't work for long, as he would pull me back in and admonish me each time.  He finally decided he was hard enough.  He squirted some lube on his fingers and lubed up my ass, then made me watch as he lubed up his cock.  He then stepped around behind me and holding me down with one hand, guided his hard cock into my virgin ass with the other.

"It hurts!  Wait!", I cried out. "Amber" was scared but defiant and very tense.  "I" really needed to relax, but we were so immersed into the characters that I didn't even think to use our safeword.  Finally L realized that it was me, V, that needed him to stop for a moment.  I took a few deep breaths and felt the tension of being Amber melt away.  I didn't even say anything to L, he felt it too and knew it was okay to go ahead.  Gripping my hips, he pressed into my ass.  Comfortable now, I ground myself back into him and met him stroke for stroke.  It was fucking awesome.  I was so wet, my juices were running down my thighs and soon after muttering how tight my ass was, L came.

As he pulled out, he laughed.  "What's so funny, Sir?", I asked.  

He walked around the side of the desk I was still sprawled over.  "I think that was the best role play fun we've ever had."  I have to agree.

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