Monday, January 2, 2012

We said: Absence Makes the Ardour Stronger

As mentioned, L and I have been apart for the holidays, but though we have been apart, we've managed to find some time to chat each day. Since we don't have anything new assignations to write about, we decided for this week to let you in on the tail end of one of one of our conversations from earlier in the week.

LM: I'm lying in bed now

V: Me too. :)

LM: Naked?

V: Of course!

LM: Is your pussy wet?

V: Not yet

LM: I thought you might have been using one of your toys

V: No....girly days still an issue.

V: Though I did use the vibe last night :P

LM: You could always put it in your ass

V: True....I've never done that on my own

LM: What would you like me to do to you next time we're together?

LM: It's been a while since I fucked you in the ass

V: Yes, it has

V: When was last?

V: Oh...when you fucked "Mrs. Claus" in the ass

LM: Mmm yes, that was it

V: That seems like ages ago now.

LM: Yes. I was going to fuck you in the ass last time but girlie days were delayed

V: Yes

LM: So you ended up riding me instead

V: I love riding your cock

V: So that was good in a way

LM: Don't you like getting fucked in the ass?

V: Of course I know I do...

LM: I want to use that strap and really give it to you next time

LM: Pull your hair too

V: Oooh yes…Mmmmm

LM: I bet your pussy is getting wet now

V: Okay, now you're getting me wet.

V: Lol – great minds

LM: Because my cock is getting hard

V: Good - I hate to suffer alone. Lol

LM: Except you aren't here to suck it for me

V: Nope. Wish I was.

V: I'd suck it just the way you like it....

V: No hands...just mouth and tongue

LM: And I'd grab your hair and hold you down on me with my cock deep in your throat

V: Yes - I love that

V: Choke on your cock

LM: Mmmm yes

LM: You are such a dedicated cock sucker

V: Love to do it

LM: What do you want me to do next time we meet?

V: I think I'd like you to crop my ass

V: Lol

LM: Hard?

V: As hard as you want to

LM: So it really stings?

V: Yes

V: So it leaves marks

LM: It always leaves marks

V: Mmmm

LM: I may have to tie your hands so they don't inadvertently get in the way

V: Yes...tie me first

LM: Or do you mean marks you can look at the next day, so that you know you've been

V: I want you to be rough

V: Pull my hair, crop my ass, bite my nipples

V: Yes...residual marks

LM: You are a naughty kinky girl, aren't you

V: Only for you

V: I know I won't get to be with you again for a while

LM: You know your ass is pretty tough, it may take a lot of cropping

LM: I bet the brush would really leave some good marks

LM: A picture of my cock in your ass with crop or brush marks would make a nice
addition to our collection

V: Yes, it would

V: But not the brush! Hate the brush!

V: :(

LM: Use your words ;)

LM: You don't get to choose. Once I have you tied up your only recourse is the

V: Crap

V: You know I'm too stubborn to use the safeword.

V: You'll make me cry

LM: I'll comfort you afterwards

V: Lol

V: You are a wonderful comforter, that's for sure

LM: Maybe the brush will get you to subspace

V: Hmmm....I suspect not

LM: I'd be willing to take that bet

V: Too ouchy to lose myself, I think

V: We can try

V: Do you want to try to send me there?

LM: If that's where you want to go

V: Not sure...still a scary thing for me.

LM: I bet I could get you to beg for the brush if it was properly applied

V: Ha! I'd take a bet that will never happen.

LM: You used to fear the crop too

V: Hmmmm....very true

LM: Remember when I slipped the crop handle into your pussy?

V: Ohmigosh that was hawt

LM: I bet the brush handle would feel good too

V: the brush might have a good use after all....

V: That day was so awesome....between the crop and your fingers...sigh

LM: I'll warm you up with the crop and then switch to the brush

LM: The patterns the bristles make on your ass are hot

V: lol

LM: I can picture them now as I look down at your ass as I fuck it

V: I wish I could see that view

LM: I can take a picture for you

V: Ok

V: I love to have your cock inside me...pussy, mouth,'s all good

LM: That's why you are my cock slut

V: Yes

V: I wish you could fuck me right now

V: I'd be torn though

LM: Torn about what?

V: I want to feel your hot cum on my tits....

V: But I so love when you cum in my pussy

LM: Me too, but it will be soon.

LM: I don't think I can take much more of this, my cock is so hard it's aching

LM: All I can think about is your mouth, tits, pussy and ass

V: I'm sorry, baby....wish I was there to make it better

LM: I know you do

V: I know what you mean though...I'm all wet and horny

LM: I should really get to sleep now, so I can dream of doing you.

V: Ok lover, can’t wait to feel you inside me.

LM: I promise to leave some marks for you to look at afterwards

V: Mwah, xoxoxo

LM: xoxoxo, do you soon.

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  1. LM, you talk a good talk about that brush.
    Makes it sound good to even me!