Monday, January 30, 2012

He said: I Fuck the Maid

I returned to our room at the hotel much later than expected to find V lightly dozing on the bed dressed in a French maid costume and high heels. She approached me with her feather duster and asked if I wanted some champagne. When I said yes, V told me to open the bottle while she retrieved the glasses. We filled the champagne flutes and retired to the bed to drink our champagne and watch a bit of video. I should tell you that V does not drink alcohol very often and when she does she tends to get a wee bit goofy. Somewhere along the line she informed she that she had drank most of the small bottle of wine that we had planned to have with dinner that night. There wasn't much left but between the champagne and the wine V was a wee bit tipsy.

After we finished our champagne it was time for some sex. I asked V to take off her French maid outfit but instead of complying she told me to do it. That's what a little bit of alcohol does to V, makes her silly. I undid the bow on the apron and then realized that the apron was part of the outfit and I had accomplished nothing. This was taking too long and V was being no help I told her to lie back on the bed and I'd fuck her in her uniform. I moved the narrow piece of fabric covering her pussy out of the way and slid my cock into her. I fucked my horny French maid but after a few minutes her panties began to rub against the side of my cock. I told V to hold it out of the way and she did. One hand rubbing her clit, one hand holding her panties, I fucked her hard and fast while I told her what a naughty maid she as for fucking the customers and that I would leave an extra big tip for her when I checked out. It wasn't long before we both came and after a few minutes rest we disentangled and cleaned up.

I finally got around to undressing V which turned out to be not as hard as I thought it would be once I wasn't in a lust fogged state. We watched a bit more video and then it was time for round 2. I got hard, V got on her back and I was pumping her pussy for the second time of the night. After we had come and cleaned up we quickly fell asleep. The next morning the alarm went off way too soon. After a slow leisurely fuck we packed up to return to the airport and fly home. I almost forgot, here is the picture V sent to my phone in the middle of the day as a teaser of sorts. It took me a while to figure exactly what was in the picture on the small phone screen.

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