Monday, January 30, 2012

She said: "Mais Oui, Monsieur!"

Family obligations usually preclude any chance of me spending a night with L and so it has been an extremely rare occurrence for us. Some time ago, however, all the stars aligned and I was able to accompany L on an overnight business trip to another city across the country. We flew out early one morning and separated once we got there - he went off to visit his customer while I checked us in to the hotel.

I expected him home around 9 pm that night, so I spent a long day and evening by myself waiting for him to return. I went out and explored the area where we were, then returned to the hotel and played countless games on my iPad. Finally, it was around 8:00 and I started to organize a surprise for him as I figured he'd be home soon.

I went and showered and towelled off. After rubbing lotion on my whole body then adding a few spritzes of my favourite perfume, I proceeded to apply fresh makeup. I normally go for a very minimal natural look, but I applied it a little heavier this night, especially highlighting my eyes. That completed to my satisfaction, I rolled on a pair of black stay-up stockings with lacy tops. I pulled on a French Maid costume I had brought - it's a black teddy with an attached white apron that ties at the back. At this point, I added the pieces that would complete the entire costume - the frilly white wrist cuffs, the garter and the bandeau that replicated the frilly white lace cap. It looked particularly striking against my hair, which is short, dark and curly. The costume was finished off with a very nice feather duster and my fuck-me pumps which are like glass slippers - clear, both heel and upper.

By this time, it was just before 9:00. I sat at the desk to wait. After about 30 minutes, I became a bit restless. Then an ungodly noise brought me to attention. It was kind of a bonging noise with an underlying vibrating hum. Fire alarm? Cripes! I certainly couldn't run outside dressed like this! I pulled on my jeans over top and tucked the apron down the front. I grabbed a top and pulled it on also and added my sweater just to be sure nothing was visible. I stuck my feet back in my everyday sensible shoes and headed for the door. As I opened it, I confirmed that the racket was indeed a fire alarm and was accompanied by a strobing light, As I looked left and right down the hall, there was no movement or concern at all. I looked out the window and hotel employees were going about their work as though nothing was wrong, so I went back into the room and closed the door.

The cacophony stopped, only to restart and stop a further 5-6 times. I was loathe to get back "into character" until I was sure everything was okay, but eventually I was convinced it was so. I pulled my covering layer off and put them away again and checked the clock. It was nearly 10 pm - where was he? I needed to find something to occupy myself and I found the answer. I've mentioned before that L has introduced me to so many new things in the time we've been together and one of them is the enjoyment of wine. I'm a serious lightweight because I don't drink much or often, but I've definitely developed a taste for wine where none existed before. When we've had the chance to be together like this or when we've gone out for a special lunch or dinner, we always have either wine or champagne each evening...or sometimes both! This time, I had both a small bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne chilling and I cracked the wine, convinced he'd be home before I got through the first glass.

I drank the wine and curled up on the sofa in my maid's costume, reading a copy of Reader's Digest I found on the table. In my mind, I worked out my plan. When I heard L at the door, I would rush to lie down on the bed and when he came in, I would jump up and gush with apologies, half in French and half in English, imploring him to please not tell my boss, but that I was late cleaning his room and I was so tired and I just lay down for a moment....I'd offer to do "whatever was necessary" to avoid getting in trouble as I flirted and with my eyes. Three (or four?) glasses of wine later, I decided to go lie on the bed to wait for him - he couldn't be that much longer, after all.

The next thing I knew, I heard L moving around the room and I realized I had fallen asleep. I also realized I was more than a bit tipsy as I tried to sit up. Oh, dear! In my distress and in trying to shake off sleep, I completely fell out of character and didn't say any of the clever things I had planned to. Instead, I got up, stood there shyly and said a scintillating "Hi."

I have no idea what L thought of my shenanigans - I mean, I know he had no idea of what I had planned to do - and though we've talked about role play, I've never dressed up for him before (well, except for Mrs. Claus, but that was different) - but he never said what he thought of finding me dressed up like that. In fact, I have no idea how long he was in the room before I woke up. I gave him a hug and a kiss and asked him if he'd like some champagne. I'm sure he could tell I had already been into the wine - I am normally fairly quiet and I think I was a bit talkative. I got the champagne and asked him to open it as I prepared the glasses I had brought with me. L popped the cork and poured and I went straight to the bed, sat down and kicked off my shoes before propping myself up against the headboard.

L ditched all but his underwear and came and sat beside me. He suggested I get undressed, but I decided to be a bit of a brat and told him that if he wanted me naked, he could go ahead and undress me himself. L, like me, is no slouch about being stubborn, so he decided to leave me as is, probably figuring that I'd just go ahead and get undressed on my own. Not so. Anyhow, he got out his tablet PC and we watched an episode of a show we are both enjoying at the moment.

As we watched, we drank and I snuggled in tucked under his arm. He removed my bandeau - I assume it was poking him or something - and dropped it on the floor on his side of the bed. I smiled, it was the first step to undressing me. Every now and then I reached up and nuzzled his neck or kissed his cheek. He caressed my back as he held me close and when the episode ended, he put the tablet aside and pulled me up for a kiss. He pulled off his underwear and suggested again that I take off the teddy. I smiled and said he could either take it off, or fuck me with it on. He undid the tie, but then realized the apron was attached to the teddy and decided it was too much work and so chose the latter. I lay back and moved the offending material to the side and L slid in.

The sex between us is always amazing - we are usually remarkably in tune with each other...yet on the odd occasion when we're not or we have a mishap (leg cramps are a common one for us both!), we are always comfortable enough with each other to be able to be understanding or to laugh about it and make it a pleasurable or bonding experience in spite of the problems encountered. This day was no different. I came hard and immediately got a cramp in my thigh. I straightened out my leg and it faded, only to return once I bent my leg again. I begged L not to stop - if felt far too good to have to stop for a cramp and he continued to fuck me vigorously until he came also.

We separated and I rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor beside it, catching my breath and stretching out my thigh at the same time. L got up to use the bathroom and after a few moments more, I followed him in. He decided then that I really needed to get rid of the teddy, so he held it by the shoulder straps and pulled it over my arms, down my body and dropped it to the floor. I stepped out of it and we moved back to the bed. He asked me if I'd like to watch another episode of our show. I agreed and he queued it up and we watched. This time as we watched, he removed my lacy wrist cuffs. Only the stockings remained.

In due course, the show ended and L fucked me again. This time harder and rougher - just the way I like it. I was an enthusiastic participant, giving as good as I got and soon we both came again. Tipsy, sleepy and sated, I got up and used the washroom before climbing back into bed to sleep. One stocking had slipped during our romp and the lacy tops hung down from my knee. As I lay in bed, I kicked hard several times, trying to get it off and L laughed when he saw what I was doing and came over and took them off for me.

He got into bed, pulled me in close and legs intertwined with mine, we fell into a deep satisfied sleep. At home, I sleep alone and have for a very, very long time, but even when I didn't sleep alone, I've never slept this way with anyone before and I find it incredibly...reassuring? relaxing? If you can believe it, I'm at a loss for the right word. Let me just say it's wonderful. The next morning, after a slow, leisurely fuck - very enjoyable - we packed up and headed back to the airport and then ultimately to our homes. Even though not everything worked out the way I imagined it would, I'm so glad we had that opportunity to spend the night together. Our times spent with each other are always special to me, but to have a chance to have as much time as we'd like to be together and do whatever we want - even something as simple as watching a tv show -is really something extra special.


  1. What a mess you were and you loved it all. ;)

  2. Great recounting, loved the French Maid aspect. Sounds like a fantastic little getaway.