Friday, January 20, 2012

L's Naughty Picture of the Week, Clothespins

Clothespins, a crop and a yummy boob to use them on. What more could a man ask for?

Feel free to leave a link to your own NPOTW  in the comments section. Only two rules:
1. It must be naughty
2. You must either be in it or have taken it


  1. I'll play!

    (This is not showing up as a link, for some reason!)

  2. ok then...I'm...not up.
    (made you look!)
    On the other hand, I thought to put an advert up for y'all, if it's oK.
    And, if it IS ok, then i'll put it on the sidebar.

  3. @boneman - if you'd like to, that would be great! Thanks for the comments! Please leave us a link to your blog - we'd like to visit but your profile is restricted and we can't seem to find you! :o)