Monday, January 16, 2012

He said: V is Such a Sweety

Do you want to know why you had to wait a week for this post? It's because V is such a sweety. Not only does she let me smack her ass with a variety of implements but when I wuss out and tell her I am too sick to write a blog post she very sweetly tells me that it's ok. She could have put the sub guilt trip on me, or topped me from the bottom but she just let me go, with my snuffly nose and scratchy throat.

She let me skip my blog post but that didn't mean we didn't get together and play, which is how I found myself on my knees with our doggie style strap around V's hips fucking her from behind. Last time we tried the strap you may remember I leaned back, my leg cramped and our doggie style fuck ended prematurely which was a shame. V had prepped me appropriately with one of her awesome blowjobs before I mounted up, grabbed the reins and started riding my cowgirl. This time I was smarter and didn't lean back so far. I have to say that the doggie style strap was a good idea. It was easy to hold onto the strap handles while fucking V from behind and she seemed to really appreciate it.

We snuggled for a while and then I insisted V let me fuck her once more before we left. It didn't take much persuading. When it comes to choosing between fucking V or going to a party fucking V comes first. Besides arriving at a party fashionably late is way better than arriving early especially if you arrive with a happy dick.

Little did I know what was to come as the evening continued, things were going to get interesting.

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