Friday, January 13, 2012

L's Naughty Pic of the Week, Unwrapped and Grabbed

With the demise of HNT a number of people have mourned it's passing. If you are looking for a place to tell the world about your naughty pic feel free to add a comment pointing the way and you too can participate in NPOTW. No themes, no rules except that the pic should be naughty, you define naughty in your own terms. If people decide to participate I'll make up a banner and all the accoutrements. Sound like a plan?


  1. That pic is naughty, just like mine, NPOTW sounds like a great upgrade from HNT

  2. So sexy! We are really glad that you guys are still participating in your own way!


  3. Naughty?
    Dang. I guess some look at it all as such, however, I just liked seeing the artistic renderings (and some GREAT ones at that), or creativeness (like the clock reflection), or just plain flesh, which was the most shown thing.
    Then, there was words about lovers gone, lovers near-by, looking for lovers, and screw the lovers.
    Well, THAT one was done a few times, too.
    But (ha! A PUN) if you want to consider mine "naughty" when in fact, I love to figure out comedy into them, feel free to include me.
    Course, I'm also seriously entangled in getting that cancer cure issue settled, too.
    Ma was a double cut.
    I had my own brush with it at a younger age, but, now there's the other cancer thingie to worry about.

    so, ok, put the serious aside and...
    I'm up!
    well, I don't have any help like pictured, but that's because my sweetie lives in Florida. So, I'm not actually UP...