Monday, January 23, 2012

He said: V Strips Down

When we first arrived and parked V didn't want me to bring any of our toys in with us so why was she asking me if I wanted her to take off her shirt a few minutes later? Perhaps it was the snacks and finger foods, perhaps the tooth pick poking I inflicted on her got her horny and in the mood or maybe it was to topless woman across the room getting her tits smacked. What would you say if your play party companion asked if she should take off her shirt? I of course vacillated so she asked again. It was obvious that she was ready to join in the fun and not just be a casual observer. I did make her wait while I went back to the car to bring back a selection of our toys. Then with V tied to a spanking bench we worked through the implements that were available in the dungeon trying them all out on V's ass of iron. At one point one of the other dungeon denizens tossed over a rubber chicken for me too try out. V pronounced it extremely ouchy.. Our closeness to another party meant I couldn't really get in the proper flogger rhythm.

We wandered around exploring the dungeon nooks and crannies and ended up in a less visible area with a quite comfortable looking spanking bench. V mounted it and I warmed her up with the slut paddle and our handy dandy ping pong paddle. When V asked if she should pull down her pants so I could see if her butt was getting red I had pity on her and didn't make her beg like I had when she was asking whether she should remove her top. The ping pong paddle made a much more satisfying sound on V's naked ass.

V would tell me how many whacks she wanted and I would apply them. The number kept increasing as  V got into the groove. I was hitting her ass with the paddle with a force that would have had her calling Uncle in the past and she kept asking for more.  Her ass was getting quite red and we had passed our self imposed deadline to head home so we reluctantly stopped our play. As V pulled up her pants she remarked on how wet she was. We packed up our gear and headed back to the car ending our very successful day.and evening.

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