Monday, January 16, 2012

She said: We're Going to be Late!

Due to some personal changes, we have had to scale back our meetings with each other until the summer. We have agreed that that is doable, especially since we know things can and hopefully will return to what they were, but it's still difficult to go from seeing each other 2 or 3 times a week to maybe once, if we're lucky. We decided a few weeks ago to go to a play party at a dungeon for the first time and we were pretty excited about it. A few days in advance, we realized that the party was going to fall right into the only time we had available for the week to have our own private play party. Although we were a bit concerned about pushing it, we decided to get together a few hours earlier than we needed to and have our own fun before heading down to the party.

We met at his office and I spent the first half hour repacking the Mischief Bag and sorting things out while L checked out some stuff online. The last two times we were together were a bit out of the ordinary - Christmas Eve L took me for a lovely lunch and then we had dessert - champagne, chocolates and an amazing ride on his cock - back at his office and then after the holiday we met up at a motel. In both cases, gift bags with presents and treats had gotten muddled with Mischief Bag contents and all stuffed together into a locked compartment for safekeeping. It was time to sort through all of that and get things organized.

That done, we adjourned to our usual spot and got set up. L was starting to not feel very well and refused to kiss me, worried that he'd make me sick with what he felt he was coming down with. Even though I wanted his kisses, I respected his wishes, knowing I'd feel the same way if I were the one who was sick. I asked him what kind of TLC he needed and he responded that he really needed to have his cock sucked. Fortunately, this is right up my alley!

I planted big open-mouthed kisses on his body as I travelled down toward his cock. He was naked, but I still had on my bra and panties when I continued the wet kisses on his thighs and balls. He played with my tits through my bra while I licked along the length of his cock and as he undid my bra and captured my entire breast in his hand, I sucked his cock into my hot mouth. We both moaned and I took him farther into my throat, my nose buried in his balls and my head moving from side to side to press him in even deeper.

Hard as a rock, he instructed me to pull off my panties and remain kneeling as I was. He moved around behind me and with the help of our doggie-style strap, he fucked me soundly from behind. This position doesn't normally work well for us, but all the stars aligned on that day to make it a great experience. We collapsed, worn out and snuggled for a good while, talking about this and that as I kissed his neck and stroked his back. He also caressed my body and planted the occasional kiss on my forehead or cheek. When I checked the time, I realized that by the time we packed up and left, we'd have just enough time to make it to the party on time.

I told L the time and suggested we start packing up. He pulled me back in his arms and said that nobody arrives on time for kinky parties and started putting the moves on me for round two. I happily fell in with this change of plan and soon lay back with my legs spread wide to accept him. It was worth every late moment. It was an incredible encounter and I was so blissed out I could barely move for quite a while afterward. We finally did pack up and found that we would arrive about an hour late, but somehow that seemed much less important than it had an hour previously!

I followed L in my vehicle across the city to the dungeon. As we exited our cars on the dark, deserted industrial street, we looked around and then at each other. This was going to be interesting!

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