Monday, October 10, 2011

She said: Outdoors in Autumn

I was flustered because I was late - I really hate being late. I was late because just as I was about to leave to meet L for lunch, someone dropped in on me and ended up staying for an hour. Not wanting to be rude, I nonetheless found it difficult to not keep checking my watch or looking like I was trying to hurry her up. Thankfully my original plan had been to leave an hour earlier than necessary in order to run some errands in L's neighbourhood before picking him up, so that by the time she left, it was just approaching the time I should have been pulling up in front of L's workplace.

I picked up my phone to find him and let him know I was running behind and noticed that he had sent me a message over 40 minutes previously to determine if I was still coming, as he had yet to hear from me for the day (which is very unusual). I responded to apologize that I was going to be late and asked if the revised timing still worked okay for him. He said it was fine, so I asked him what he'd like to have for lunch and left.

By the time I got to his area, both the car and I were running on empty. I had had a busy morning and hadn't as yet had a chance to eat anything. I stopped to fill up the car, then went and bought food and then made a third stop to the postal outlet to pick up our latest EF package. Then I texted L, "Got gas. Got lunch. Got package. Now I'm coming to get you!" He responded to say he'd meet me outside. I pulled up in front of his building and waited. Waited so long, in fact, that I dozed off with the sun shining on my face. L finally came out 20 minutes later and apologized - he got held up dealing with one of his employees.

We drove to the nearby Conservation Area. We found out last year that this park closes for the winter after Thanksgiving - that's the Canadian Thanksgiving, which is today. L guided me to a particular spot he had in mind. I turned off the main road and drove up an incline on a dirt road for a short way before it ended and I turned my car around to face back down the road and parked. We gathered the lunch, the package and another bag L had brought and walked up the hill. At the top, we chose a clean picnic table situated in the sun and sat and ate our lunch - wraps, a bag of chips and a drink. While we ate, L opened the package and started to check out our goodies. Eden Fantasys had sent us three sex toys and we're pretty excited about trying all of them.

When we finished eating, L got up and looked around, then wandered off through the trees while I stayed at the table and packed our items back in the box. The packaging went to the garbage bin, as did our lunch garbage. Finally, L returned. He picked up the bag he had brought with him off the table and said in a very authoritative tone, "Come with me." He turned and stalked off, not even looking back to see if I was following.

Reaching quickly back into the box, I grabbed the smallest of the items - a vibrator - and scurried off after him, leaving all our stuff on the table. I followed L through a stand of trees and into a small clearing on the other side, unscrewing the top of the little vibrator and inserting the battery as I went. He opened his bag and pulled out our blanket and spread it on the ground. Mmmmm....I had worn a skirt today, hoping this was part of his master plan. I slipped off my thong and tucked it in one of my shoes, along with the vibrator.

"How do you want me?", I asked. Especially since we were outdoors and in a fairly busy park, I expected him to say he'd sit with his back against a tree and have me ride him, but he surprised me with his answer.

"I want to fuck you lying on your back in the grass.", he responded.

Excited, I knelt on the blanket in front of him and helped him undo his belt, drop his pants and underwear, then took him in my mouth. I sucked him, feeling great pleasure every time I heard him moan or mutter words to communicate how good it felt. I listened carefully as I sucked, trying to parse out the sounds of the woods that surrounded us from any of human origin. Primed and ready for me, I lay back and pulled my skirt up. He knelt between my spread knees and entered me. I knew we'd have to be quick, after all we are outdoors in a public park naked from the waist down. We've had a run-in with the cops here before, so we try to be cautious. The longer we took, the more chance of being discovered, but as always, sex with L is fantastic and I really didn't want it to end.

I reached my arms out to the side and my hand brushed on my shoes. Remembering the High Intensity Bullet Vibrator I had tucked inside I grabbed it and turned it on, sliding it between us. I nestled the buzzing vibrator so that one end was close to his cock, busy sliding in and out of me and the other rested on my clit. He changed his stroke slightly, grinding the vibrator into my clit and trying to keep it there while he continued to fuck me. I left it there and stroked his back and his ass with my free hands. He whispered naughty things to me and I was very turned on. It wasn't long before he said he was going to cum. "Do it. Give it to me.", I whispered....and he did. I reached between us and turned the vibrator up one notch and pressed it into my clit. The hum almost immediately sent me over the edge. Wow. I can't believe that I've previously had no use for vibrators!

We cleaned up and headed back to the car, deciding that this had been the best outdoor experience we'd had up to now. It was certainly the most comfortable - unlike this forest encounter, it wasn't too hot, there were no mosquitoes and we had level ground - all good things! We were also a little sad that this park would be closed within days for the winter, so this was to be our last trip here for the year. I took L back to work and he took the box with our Eden Fantasys stuff in with him. I left him and went to the grocery store and then back across the city where I dropped my purchases off at home before getting ready to head back out to run more errands.

Suddenly, it hit me...what had happened to the vibrator? I messaged L, asking if he had the vibrator in the box. He checked and said he didn't. I searched my purse, the car and my bags with no luck - I had to find that vibrator! That vibrator found in the wrong place could get me into a lot of trouble. I messaged L back, saying that I had searched and been unable to find it. He responded to tell me the last time he saw it and his comment tweaked something in my memory. I laughed and thanked him for giving me the clue I needed, as I reached up to find the vibrator where I left it - snugly tucked in my bra!


  1. I've found coins, even earrings in my bra. Never a vibrator! ;)

  2. Ah the bra, such a nifty hiding place!